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Which EuroMillions Syndicate Member Are You?

Which EuroMillions Syndicate Member Are You?
Updated: Wednesday 16th June 2021

It cannot have escaped your notice that the EuroMillions jackpot has dramatically increased in size over the last few weeks, with a colossal £119 million now on offer in tonight’s draw. With such a copious amount of cash on offer, it is always worth snapping up additional tickets in an effort to get your hands on the jackpot, but why go solo when you could play as part of a syndicate?

A syndicate is an excellent way of playing a greater number of tickets for a significantly reduced entry fee. Each member agrees to pay a predetermined fee before the tickets are purchased by the syndicate manager. Once the draw has taken place, the syndicate manager is responsible for checking the numbers and dividing up any prize money won.   

Millions of players opt to take part in EuroMillions draws as part of a syndicate, but the big question is which syndicate member are you?

The Organiser

The organiser is the backbone of the syndicate and responsible for rallying the troops in pursuit of victory. As the most trusted and reliable person of the group, the organiser is tasked with chasing down payments and purchasing tickets. Effortlessly efficient in their ability to coordinate syndicate members, this individual even has what it takes to squeeze money out of those who are reluctant to part with their cash.

Always keen to keep everyone in check, the organiser is never more at home than when they are drawing up fresh syndicate agreements or dividing up the loot after a big win. Excellent communication skills and a never-say-die attitude are just some of the qualities shown by an individual who is a natural born leader.     

The Dreamer

Usually the first to pay their subs, the dreamer never misses a chance to play their numbers and has already started mentally splashing the cash before the results have even been announced. An eternal optimist, this member believes it is their destiny to win big on EuroMillions and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

Never afraid to chip in a little extra when there’s a huge jackpot on offer, the dreamer spends more time fantasising about what sports car will compliment their new luxury pad than actually choosing their numbers. Despite the jackpot being the main aim, lower tier prizes are also welcomed by a member who will simply use their winnings to capture the premium prize in the next draw.    

The Cynic

Never one to look on the bright side of life, the cynic is always the first to pour cold water on the dreams of the syndicate when the results are released. Usually accompanied by a call of “I told you we wouldn’t win”, the cynic offers little in the way of encouragement, but is reluctant to sever ties with the clad just in case Lady Luck does come calling.

It never rains but it pours for this member, who is always bending the ear of others in the group as they threaten to stage a dramatic walk out, all the while knowing full well that they will never turn their words into actions. Even some wins don’t seem good enough for the cynic, who’ll grumble at the size of their payout, but they’ll secretly be cheering inside that they have overcome the odds to triumph.

The Cashless Wonder

With a wallet barer than a baboon’s backside, the cashless wonder is always the last member to pay their subs and is always coming up with fresh and elaborate excuses as to why they haven’t got any money. Always the first to question how much the syndicate has won, this individual is more focused on the winning rather than the taking part and is always mysteriously missing when the organiser is doing the rounds. Thankfully, this member is tied to a EuroMillions syndicate agreement, meaning there can be no arguments when the money materialises.

The Statistician

The statistician can usually be seen scrolling through past EuroMillions results in an attempt to predict the numbers in the next draw. With the stats page of bookmarked, this member of the syndicate takes extreme care when picking their numbers and is always keen to point out patterns in the results. Never one to miss out on a win, regardless of the size, the statistician eagerly awaits the release of the results and will pore over the digits in search of victory or learn and adapt ahead of the next draw.

Still Unsure?

If you’re still unsure on which EuroMillions syndicate member you are, why not start your own syndicate and find out for yourself. You can play along with friends, family, work colleagues or even online. Just head to Syndicates page to find out more about how you could win big as part of a collective. Good luck!

Published: Tuesday 19th December 2017

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