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What’s Your Strategy For The £144 Million EuroMillions Draw?

What’s Your Strategy For The £144 Million EuroMillions Draw?

The EuroMillions jackpot is up to £144 million for this Friday night’s draw following another rollover on Tuesday. It is one of the biggest prizes to have ever been seen on the game and there could be more than 40 million tickets sold across Europe, but which techniques might be worth considering to try and help you land a big reward?

Play Random Numbers

Entering a random set of numbers is the most popular method of playing. According to a 2017 poll of EuroMillions players, this was preferred by over 59 percent of participants. As well as being a quick and simple way of playing, it also helps you to avoid patterns which you may inadvertently fall into if you select your own numbers.

Many players who choose their own numbers may end up going with common sequences (for example multiples of seven or 10), or marking the numbers in one particular column of their playslip. While the chances of winning are the same for every combination of numbers, EuroMillions prizes are based on the number of winners, so it is sensible to pick lines which aren’t likely to be played by too many other participants. You win a bigger share of the prize pot if there are fewer players in the same category.

The best way to avoid picking the same numbers as others is to go with a random selection. You can either opt for a Lucky Dip when you purchase your ticket, or even use’s Random Number Generator. The advantage here is that if you don’t like the first set that is generated, you can create a new line in an instant.

Join A Syndicate

The only way to increase your chances of winning is to enter more lines, but the thought of the extra cost can be a little off-putting. The best way around this is to join a syndicate, as you can still spend the same as a single ticket, but you will own a share of more entries. For example, if you form a group of ten players, you could all put in £2.50 and purchase ten lines between you. You would have to split any winnings, of course, but the chances of winning are ten times better than if you played one line on your own.

Lots of EuroMillions jackpots have been won by syndicates, such as the group of 32 colleagues from a hardware store in Ireland who won £14.8 million in June 2018. You can team up with co-workers, friends, neighbours or family members, or even join an online syndicate if you don’t want to go to the trouble of organising your own group.

Study The Stats

If you’re interested in EuroMillions numbers, there are stacks of stats out there for you to explore to help you choose your next set of numbers. Some have been drawn far more frequently than others, while others have not appeared in a draw for weeks or months. The number 47 is currently the most overdue, having not been drawn since Friday 19th October of last year.

The numbers are checked before each draw and the odds of each one appearing are exactly the same, but statistical patterns do emerge. The numbers 17 and 27, for instance, have been drawn together in the same draw nine times since the matrix last changed in September 2016. Go to the EuroMillions Statistics to study all the different data sets.

Don’t Miss Out

Whether you choose random numbers, join a syndicate, look at statistics or just stick with your favourite numbers, this Friday’s draw represents a great opportunity to take part in one of the game’s biggest draws. Enter online or at an official retailer, and then check the EuroMillions Results straight after the draw has taken place to see if you are a winner.

Published: Thursday 14th February 2019

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