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What Happens When You Win the EuroMillions Jackpot?

What Happens When You Win the EuroMillions Jackpot?

Picture the scene - you buy a ticket for Friday’s £113 million EuroMillions draw and, when you go to check your numbers, you realise you have matched all five main balls and two Lucky Stars. How would you react? Joy? Tears? Disbelief? Or maybe a mixture of all three? Here’s what happens when you win the EuroMillions jackpot.

Check Your EuroMillions Ticket Again

Before you get carried away, make sure you check your EuroMillions ticket again thoroughly. Did your numbers really come up? You might like to ask someone else to confirm your suspicions, but be sure to choose someone you trust with the news that you are now £113 million richer.

The EuroMillions results appear on soon after the draw, and you can also use the EuroMillions Number Checker to ensure that you are not seeing things!

Call the National Lottery

Remember, nothing is confirmed until you talk to the National Lottery. You must call the claims line and answer some questions based on the details of your ticket, whether you play online or at a shop, before they can arrange for a winners’ advisor to pay you a visit and transfer your prize. Find the contact details on the How to Claim page.

If you check the results just after draw time, you won’t be able to verify your ticket until the next morning, so make sure you sign the back of the slip and put it somewhere safe until the lines open again. Taxi driver Amo Riselli of Gloucester kept his recent £24.5 million-winning Lotto ticket in a glass jar in his mother’s kitchen!

If you have a nervous (and potentially sleepless) few hours ahead of you before you make the call, you will probably fancy a celebratory tipple. You might think UK lottery winners reach instantly for the champagne, but according to the National Lottery, most report that they toasted their success with a cup of tea, so get the kettle on!

Meet the Winners’ Advisor

A winners’ advisor can meet you at home, or in any location you may prefer, in the days following the win. They will sit down with you and discuss your win, offering to put you in contact with independent financial and legal advice.

They will help you set up a private bank account at an establishment that is used to dealing with wealthy clients, and they can run through the pros and cons of going public or staying private with your success story. You will receive the same help, whichever option you go for. If you go public, you might be asked to attend a press conference where you discuss your good fortune.

After all the paperwork is sorted, the £113 million EuroMillions jackpot could be in your account within hours. If you wish to head straight to the shops (maybe you need to restock your tea supplies), the advisor will even arrange a cash advance.

How to Win the EuroMillions Jackpot

You can buy EuroMillions tickets at retailers across the country, but to avoid the stress of keeping a paper slip worth a nine-figure sum safe, you can choose your numbers online. It is not possible to lose a digital ticket, and the numbers are even checked on your behalf! Good luck!

Published: Wednesday 7th February 2018

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