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Wales Lottery Gets Lift-Off

Wales Lottery Gets Lift-Off
Updated: Wednesday 27th July 2022

The Wales Lottery, Loteri Cymru, has been officially launched after the first draws took place on Friday night. The society lottery has been set up to raise money for worthy projects across the country, whilst offering players the chance to win jackpots of £25,000.

Loto draws will take place once a week, on Fridays, with players required to select five numbers from a choice of 39. As well as the £25,000 jackpot for matching the full winning line, there are prizes available for matching four numbers, three numbers or two numbers. The numbers drawn in Friday’s first draw were 2, 11, 24, 25 and 38.

The loto+ raffle draw, held on the last Friday of every month, also gives ticket holders an extra chance to win, with anyone who has played loto during that month automatically entered. Ten prizes of £1,000 are given away to randomly-selected winners in every loto+ draw.

The lottery has been established to help benefit good causes in Wales, with initial grants worth £10,000 set to support various grassroot community charities. The aim is to make donations totalling £5 million in the first five years, and, in time, the grants will rise to £75,000 and more.

Charity group Hanfod Cymru has been set up to distribute the funds, and hopes are high that the lottery will make a big difference. Ahead of the launch, Loteri Cymru CIC chairman Gareth Davies said: “The whole basis of Loteri Cymru is to create a win-win for the people and places of Wales, where individuals can afford to try their luck at winning a life-enhancing jackpot and their local communities benefit, too.”

The next loto draw will take place on Friday night, providing another great chance to win up to £25,000 and raising more funds for charities across Wales, and you can find out more details at

Published: Tuesday 2nd May 2017

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