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UK EuroMillions Players Share £6.99 Billion!

UK EuroMillions Players Share £6.99 Billion!
Updated: Monday 23rd July 2018

The 1,000th EuroMillions draw took place last Friday 21 April, and we can now reveal that players in the UK have shared a total of £6.99 billion in prize money since the game was first launched in February 2004. A total of 481 million winning lines have been landed over the little more than 13 years that EuroMillions has been running, and there are plenty of other interesting facts and figures which give us a greater insight into the game.

Total EuroMillions Prizes

The total amount of cash won by all EuroMillions players stands at €34.6 billion, and France has enjoyed the highest number of jackpot wins (85) as well as the highest number of prize wins at all levels (490.9 million). The UK’s total of 481.1 million puts us in second place overall, but Spain is in second place as far as jackpot wins are concerned, with Spanish players having landed 82 jackpots compared with 65 that have been won by Brits. Our closest neighbour, Ireland, has notched up 43.9 million winning lines, with cash prizes from those totalling more than €1 billion.

EuroMillions Player Behaviour

A survey of more than 6,000 EuroMillions fans showed that, when it comes to picking which numbers to play, more than half of players actually don’t, with 59.3% preferring to enter lines of randomly-picked selections. Another 36% play numbers that they consider to be lucky or personally meaningful, and 4.7% like to base their selections on how the numbers involved in the game have performed in the past, as revealed on our own EuroMillions Statistics page.

Players who dream of winning a EuroMillions jackpot tend to be a fairly private bunch, with 70% saying that they would opt to remain anonymous if their numbers came up. EuroMillions players also tend to be very committed to their jobs, with only 23% saying that they would give up their positions if they came into a large amount of money.

Of course, being committed to work doesn’t mean that players don’t enjoy treating themselves to a decent break following a win. Holidays are one of the most common things that winners like to spend their money on after a big win, and the most popular destinations are the Caribbean (24.8%), the USA (23%) and Dubai (13.7%).

More EuroMillions Stats

Although every EuroMillions draw is a completely random and independent event, the statistics for the past 1,000 draws show that the months of January and September are the ones that have delivered the most jackpot wins. Those two months have seen 39 jackpots won each from a total of 365, so either January and September are the luckiest months on the calendar or maybe they are simply the ones in which the game just happens to attract more players following the New Year and the summer holidays.

Even with 1,000 draws under its belt, EuroMillions shows no signs of waning in popularity, and we look forward to seeing how the trends compare when it has celebrated its 2,000th draw in a decade or so. In the meantime, players who would like to have a go at becoming the next big winner can play for an estimated jackpot of around £37 million this Tuesday 25 April. Click here to choose your numbers, and good luck!

Published: Monday 24th April 2017

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