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Two Massive Jackpots Excite Lottery Players

Two Massive Jackpots Excite Lottery Players
Updated: Monday 13th November 2017

Lottery players are getting excited about the prospect of playing for not one, but two massive jackpots this week. The EuroMillions jackpot on Tuesday 14 November is expected to be worth around £33 million after the second rollover in a row last Friday, and the Lotto jackpot on Wednesday 15 November will boast a top prize of around £15.6 million following a sixth consecutive rollover last Saturday.

The Magic of Winning Big

Winning either of these two jackpots outright would make it possible for the lucky player concerned to make some very big changes in their life. The sums available would be enough to allow you to quit your day job once and for all, move into a brand new home in your ideal location, buy a holiday home on the side, drive around in the car of your dreams, splash out on a brand new wardrobe and still have plenty of cash left over to enjoy financial independence for the rest of your life.

Of course, winning a jackpot would also make it possible for you to be generous and make meaningful contributions to whatever good causes mean the most to you. Some lottery winners have gone even further than that, and have founded their own charitable organisations, so if you would also like the means to better express your altruistic side, the first two big games of this week could be well worth getting involved in.

What do the Statistics Say?

At the time of writing, the most overdue main numbers for EuroMillions are 02, 38, 14, 28 and 47, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 06 and 11. The most common numbers are 27, 17, 20, 10 and 20, along with the Lucky Stars 09 and 03. It is interesting to note that the draw takes place on 14/11/17 and all three of those numbers appear in the previous statistics, but whether any of those will help anyone to win the £33 million remains to be seen. 

As far as the midweek Lotto game on Wednesday is concerned, the most overdue numbers to look out for are 24, 09, 05, 10, 28 and 46, whilst the most common numbers are 54, 41, 14, 37, 52 and 58. There are no numbers that stand out from that bunch, but a few of them will surely be meaningful to some readers, and if so, we hope that they help you to win big!

Whatever numbers you side with, choose your lines today to have a go at winning a fortune in the Tuesday EuroMillions game, join a syndicate to improve your chances in the Wednesday Lotto draw, and good luck!

Published: Monday 13th November 2017

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