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The Amazing Quirks of Fate That Lead to Big Lottery Wins

The Amazing Quirks of Fate That Lead to Big Lottery Wins
Updated: Tuesday 28th April 2020

Everyone who plays Lotto, EuroMillions or any lottery draw dreams of winning the jackpot. We all know that every single line we play has as much chance of winning as any other, leading to some people picking up giant cheques and others resolving to try again another day.

There is no way of telling if you are going to scoop a big lottery prize until the numbers are drawn, but some big winners report strange quirks of fate that led them to collect a gigantic windfall. Here are some examples.

Irish Lotto Winner Buying Eggs

Last Saturday, a woman from Co Cork in Ireland was running errands for her mother-in-law, picking up some eggs on the way to visit her. Although she regularly plays two Lucky Dip Irish Lotto lines at her own local store, she says that “something” told her to buy her tickets at that outlet and to add an extra set of numbers to her order.

The shopper listened to that mystical voice and ended up winning the game’s €5.6 million (£4.9 million) jackpot with the third line! However, as she recounted to Irish National Lottery officials on picking up her prize, her mother-in-law is taking most of the credit for the success.

Lucky Lotto Coin

Manchester bus driver, Sean Lloyd won a £1.8 million Lotto jackpot in January 2015, and he puts his good fortune down to a lucky coin.

Whilst taking his lunch break in Oldham, the dad-of-four spotted a shiny penny on the floor outside a branch of Tesco. Taking that as an omen of good fortune, he went inside and bought a Lotto ticket, matching all six main numbers in the draw.

Sean is adamant that the coin was behind his good fortune and has even erected a fountain in the grounds of his Cheshire mansion depicting the famous National Lottery crossed-fingers logo holding a penny. 

Dad’s Lucky Numbers

Susan Crossland, from Mirfield in West Yorkshire, found a white feather soon after her father passed away, and took it to be a message from him. Two years later, in 2008, she found another and decided she should play her dad’s old Lotto numbers. That decision led to her winning £1.2 million.

The lucky winner was able to move her brother and two sisters, all of whom have complex physical and mental needs, into the same house where she can care for them. She told the Yorkshire Post that it was what her late father and mother would have wanted.

Lottery Jackpots This Week

Of course, not all lottery winners experience a spooky premonition before they pocket a massive prize. It can happen to anyone, but you do have to be in it to win it. The UK’s biggest lottery jackpot this weekend is the £50 million on offer from EuroMillions this Friday.

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Published: Thursday 29th March 2018

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