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Tetley Create Tea for Lottery Winners

Tetley Create Tea for Lottery Winners
Updated: Thursday 9th February 2017

Tetley, the UK-based company which has been providing the nation’s favourite beverage for 180 years, has recently been working with lottery organisers to create an extra special blend for jackpot winners. The new tea, which is known as Winners Brew, isn’t one that you are likely to find on supermarket shelves, but if you are lucky enough to match all of the numbers required to win a lottery jackpot, you can look forward to celebrating with an exclusive cuppa or two.

Winners Brew blends the highest quality leaves from the highest altitudes of tea estates located ‘around Mount Kenya and the Great Rift Valley’. The special blend is then portioned into handmade teabags, each of which also contains a sprinkle of around 150 stars cut from gold leaf. We can’t comment on how the tea tastes, because we haven’t won a jackpot, but Sebastian Michaelis, the Tetley Master Blender who created it, describes the brew as a ‘wonderfully fresh, zingy and zesty cuppa that delivers a rich and soothing malty flavour.’

Readers who are wondering why a special brew of tea for lottery winners was deemed necessary need only look to research which shows that 43% of winners prefer to have a soothing cuppa rather than crack open a bottle of champagne on discovering their good news. Whilst any decent cup of tea is better than none, the ability of lottery organisers to offer winners an extra special version of their preferred pick-me-up is good news for everyone who is looking forward to the day when their jackpot dream comes true.

Talking of jackpots, players have two big ones to play for before this week comes to an end. On Friday 10 February, EuroMillions will boast a jackpot worth around £32 million, and two UK players will each win a Millionaire Maker prize of £1 million. Then, on Saturday 11 February, Lotto will offer a triple rollover jackpot worth around £10.4 million, as well as one Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize of £1 million and 20 Lotto Raffle awards worth £20,000 each.

Visit our Lottery Statistics page if you would like to include one of more of the most overdue or most common numbers in your entry for the games just mentioned, or feel free to use our Lottery Number Generator if you would prefer to enter a random selection. Whatever numbers you choose to play, we wish you the best of luck, and we hope that you will soon get to enjoy a cup of Winners Brew first hand!

Published: Thursday 9th February 2017

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