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Superdraw Jackpot Rolls Over to Tuesday!

Superdraw Jackpot Rolls Over to Tuesday!
Updated: Monday 23rd July 2018

EuroMillions players who thought that last Friday’s Superdraw jackpot was just about as exciting as things get should brace themselves, because the £114.5 million prize rolled over! That means the next game this Tuesday 19 September will offer an even bigger jackpot which is expected to be worth around £122 million!

Whilst the EuroMillions jackpot eluded players last Friday, more than 3.66 million prizes were landed, including 858,000 prizes for some of those who had purchased their tickets in the UK. The biggest amounts were won at the second tier, where six tickets – one of them belonging to a player in this country – picked up £223,535 each by matching all five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars.

For those of you who haven’t yet checked your results, the EuroMillions numbers on Friday 15 September were 13, 18, 37, 44 and 49, along with the Lucky Star numbers 09 and 12. Players in the UK landed more than £4.14 million in total, and that doesn’t include two additional Millionaire Maker prizes of £1 million each. The winning Millionaire Maker codes were XDSQ75959 and ZDSH70896, and the full breakdown of prizes won last Friday can be viewed on our EuroMillions Results page.

Players who would like to include one or more of the most overdue numbers on their play slips for the £122 million jackpot game this Tuesday should be considering the main numbers 34, 23, 16, 19 and 33, along with the Lucky Star numbers 06 and 07. The most common numbers at the time of writing are 27, 10, 20, 17 and 49, along with the Lucky Star numbers 09 and 02, and even more information on how all of the numbers used in the game have performed in the past can be found by visiting our EuroMillions Statistics page.

Although the EuroMillions game will quite deservedly be hogging the headlines for the next day or two, Lotto players also have plenty to look forward to, because the midweek game this Wednesday 20 September will offer a double rollover jackpot worth an estimated £6.8 million.

All of that means there will be an estimated £128.8 million up for grabs between now and the end of Wednesday – even more if you include the associated raffle draws and the Thunderball game – so if you fancy getting rich quick, be sure to make the most of the opportunities in front of you. Choose your numbers today to give yourself a chance of winning big in the EuroMillions game this Tuesday, and if you strike it lucky you just might be picking up an oversized cheque for £122 million before the end of the week! 

Published: Monday 18th September 2017

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