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Strategic Lottery Systems for EuroMillions

Strategic Lottery Systems for EuroMillions
Updated: Monday 23rd July 2018

With this Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot expected to be worth a colossal £155 million, many players are thinking about how they might be able to adopt a more strategic approach to matching all seven of the numbers that will be drawn. There are in fact quite a few strategic lottery systems for EuroMillions, so in this article we will discuss how systems work and present a few of the strategies that aspiring multimillionaires may come across in their quest to land a jackpot.

How Lottery Systems Work

Lottery systems tend to fall into two main categories. The first category of system involves players keeping track of how numbers have fared in the past in an effort to predict which numbers might be drawn in the future. A player might therefore consider entering one or more of the numbers that are most overdue to make an appearance, or have been drawn more often than the rest. This type of system can be fun to use, but it won’t influence the odds in any way, because the numbers involved in the game have no memory. 

The second category of lottery system involves entering multiple numbers in a deliberately strategic way to try and secure some kind of guaranteed result. For example, by entering enough lines to guarantee that a winning line will be achieved if two particular Lucky Stars are drawn. Because this type of system relies on playing multiple lines, it does have some value because multiple lines will quite naturally give the user more chance of winning than a single line.

Having established that the second category of lottery system does have some merit, we will now take a brief look at three systems that players may encounter. The first is a perfect system, but unfortunately impractical, the second is a more workable system with a much smaller guarantee, and the third is a great way to boost your chances of winning whilst keeping costs down.

The Only Guaranteed EuroMillions Lottery System

The perfect system for EuroMillions is one which absolutely guarantees that the player will win the jackpot – or a share thereof – in every game it is applied to. All you have to do to apply this system is enter every possible combination of numbers that could possibly come up. Unfortunately, this would involve playing 139,838,160 lines of numbers, so unless you already have multiple millions to invest – and can find a way to get those lines entered in time for the draw – it isn’t at all practical. As a consolation, even if you could afford to apply this system, you probably wouldn’t make a profit because the jackpot is always likely to be less than the cost of the tickets required.

A Workable EuroMillions Lottery System

A more workable EuroMillions lottery system would be for a player to pick their favourite two Lucky Star numbers and enter those on each of 10 separate lines. The player could then distribute all of the possible main numbers (01 to 50) in whatever order they wish, across those 10 entries. This would cost 10 entries, and would guarantee a winning line with at least one main number and two Lucky Stars should both of their chosen Lucky Star numbers be drawn. Of course, there is no guarantee that would happen, and the prize paid for the winning ticket may still be much less than the cost of using the system.

Boosting Your Chances

Another idea for lottery players who wish to be more strategic in their efforts to win is to join a syndicate. This would guarantee an increased chance of winning a prize by having an interest in multiple lines of numbers, but at a fraction of the cost that would be involved in buying all of those lines as an individual. For more information on how this approach works, see our comprehensive Lottery Syndicates section.

We hope that this overview of strategic lottery systems has been of use, and we hope that someone manages to win the £155 million which is up for grabs in the EuroMillions game this Friday. Choose your numbers today to avoid the inevitable last-minute rush, and good luck!

Published: Thursday 28th September 2017

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