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Special EuroMillions Draw Will Create 10 UK Millionaires on 7th August

Special EuroMillions Draw Will Create 10 UK Millionaires on 7th August

A special EuroMillions draw is set to take place on Friday 7th August and it will guarantee that 10 UK players become millionaires. The guaranteed winners will be created by the Millionaire Maker raffle, which will give away 10 prizes worth £1 million.

Ten Millionaire Maker Codes Will Be Drawn

The UK Millionaire Maker raffle has been going strong for over a decade and in that time has created hundreds of millionaires. It’s played alongside every EuroMillions draw and ordinarily gives away one million-pound prize each time. For special versions of the raffle, such as the one taking place on 7th August, multiple winners are guaranteed.

It means it’s a great time to play EuroMillions as these special raffles offer better odds than ever of becoming a millionaire. The odds of winning the raffle change from draw to draw as they’re directly based on how many tickets are bought, but the estimated odds of winning in a standard Friday raffle are around one in five million; on 7th August those odds will significantly improve to 1 in 500,000.

To play, all you have to do is purchase an entry for the 7th August EuroMillions draw. Pick your five numbers and two Lucky Stars as normal and then when you get your ticket you’ll see the Millionaire Maker code below your numbers. Remember to hold on to your ticket as you’ll need it to claim any prizes you win.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for prizes worth £1 million or more to go unclaimed. In fact, there is still a £57 million EuroMillions jackpot on the National Lottery’s unclaimed prizes list and the winner has just six weeks left to claim.

£57 Million Jackpot Still Unclaimed

The unclaimed jackpot was won in the EuroMillions draw on 17th March 2020. After two weeks without a claimant coming forward the National Lottery announced that the ticket had been bought in South Ayrshire in Scotland and urged players in the area to check their tickets.

This appeal seemed to work, as Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s senior winners’ advisor, confirmed that a claim had been lodged in April. “It is fantastic news that a lucky ticket-holder has now claimed this enormous prize,” he said. “We will now focus on supporting the ticket-holder through the process.”

The jackpot, however, is still on the unclaimed prizes list, suggesting that any validation processes are taking a lot longer than usual to complete.

It could be that the winner has staked a claim for the jackpot but didn’t have their ticket to back it up. If you do win a prize and lose your ticket you have to contact the National Lottery within 30 days of the draw and provide as much information as possible about where the ticket was purchased. 

The National Lottery then conducts rigorous security checks to try and validate that you did have the winning ticket and even then may not pay out until the 180-day claim period has passed, in case someone else comes forward to claim the prize. 

The claim period for the £57 million jackpot ends on 13th September but even if the prize money isn’t paid out by then the story might not be over.

That’s not the only prize that remains unclaimed. There’s also a Millionaire Maker prize worth £1 million from the draw on 20th March - the ticket for that one was purchased in the city of Leeds. More recently a £64,186 prize from the 14th July draw was added to the list and it has been revealed that the winning ticket was bought in Manchester.

Andy Carter offered some useful advice to anyone who has played EuroMillions in these locations: “In the current situation we’re encouraging everyone to check their tickets online to see if you’ve won a prize. Try checking in the pockets of clothing, in wallets, bags and down the back of the sofa.”

Check Your EuroMillions Tickets

Enter your numbers into the EuroMillions Checker to find out if you have a winning ticket. It will show you any prizes you’ve won over the last 180 days so if it’s a ticket that you’ve forgotten about for a few weeks or months there’s still time left to claim any prizes you’ve won. You can also see more details about these outstanding prizes, including the winning numbers from the relevant draws, on the Unclaimed Prizes page.

Any prize money that remains unclaimed after the 180-day claim period - including the £57 million jackpot that expires soon - will be allocated to the National Lottery Good Causes fund.

Published: Thursday 30th July 2020

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