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Southend Lottery Winner Finally Claims £1 Million

Southend Lottery Winner Finally Claims £1 Million
Updated: Thursday 9th March 2017

A lottery winner in Southend has finally come forward to claim their prize of £1 million more than five months after the draw in which it was won took place. The win was achieved on Tuesday 4 October, when a ticket entered for the EuroMillions game matched the UK Millionaire Maker code JFZD 09681, but the owner of that ticket remained a mystery, and the year ended without the prize being delivered.

Repeated appeals for lottery players in the Southend area to check and double check their tickets have finally paid off, because the winner has now contacted lottery organisers and claimed their seven-figure fortune with just a few weeks to spare. Had the winner failed to come forward before the Sunday 2 April deadline, their £1 million prize would have been forfeited and handed over to the fund for Good Causes instead, so it is a fair assumption that the player concerned is now thanking their lucky stars that they didn’t miss out.

The idea of a winner losing their rights to a life-changing sum of money just because they neglect to make their claim in time is one that could give lottery players nightmares, but it can and does happen. Right now, there are more than a dozen prizes of £1 million – including several that come with luxury holidays – which have yet to be claimed, and time is running out for their owners to make themselves known.

One such prize expires today, so anyone who purchased a Lotto ticket in the London Borough of Harrow for the draw that took place on 10 September should check their entries especially quickly to see if any of them bear the Lotto Millionaire Raffle number TEAL 2409 6564. If so, the owner should contact lottery organisers immediately to beat the deadline.

The EuroMillions game has created multiple big winners who have yet to make their claims, and two hefty prizes expire this month. One of those, which needs to be claimed by Sunday 26 March, is a Millionaire Maker award which comprises £1 million and a 100-day trip around the world. That prize was won in the draw which took place on Tuesday 27 September, and the winning ticket had been purchased in the London Borough of Hillingdon. 

The other seven-figure prize which expires this month is worth £1 million, and was won in the Millionaire Maker game on Friday 30 September by a ticket purchased in Middlesbrough. The deadline for claiming that prize is Wednesday 29 March.

There are plenty more life-changing prizes that are currently waiting to be collected, so visit our Unclaimed Lottery Prizes page for details of those, then be sure to check your old tickets and make any claim required without delay. In the meantime, the lucky winner in Southend can start to celebrate after claiming their £1 million in the nick of time, and other lottery fans can try to emulate that success in the EuroMillions and Lotto games this Friday and Saturday.

Published: Thursday 9th March 2017

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