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Single Ticket Wins EuroMillions Jackpot

Single Ticket Wins EuroMillions Jackpot
Updated: Monday 23rd July 2018

A single ticket won the jackpot in the EuroMillions game last Friday 1 September, giving its lucky owner the impressive sum of €28,287,321, which equates to £25,914,013. The winning ticket had been purchased in France, and the numbers which delivered the top prize were 03, 07, 08, 14 and 49, along with the Lucky Star numbers 05 and 08.

There were three tickets which won a sizeable second tier prize of £207,054 each by matching five main numbers as well as one of the Lucky Stars, and one of those had been bought here in the UK. Players in the UK also did very well at the third tier, where four out of five winning tickets – each of which won £28,935 – had been purchased in this country.

The total number of prizes landed last Friday exceeded 2.15 million, and more than 452,900 of those belonged to players in the UK. In addition, two UK participants each won £1 million by matching one of the Millionaire Raffle codes, which were VWRB11013 and VXRD62640. As always, the full schedule of results can be found on our EuroMillions Results page.

France has now won six EuroMillions jackpots since the rules of the game were changed in September 2016, which is one more than the UK and Portugal. Belgium and Spain are close behind, with four and three jackpot wins, respectively, in the same period.

The next EuroMillions game this Tuesday 5 September will offer a brand new jackpot which is expected to be worth around £15 million. The most overdue numbers to look out for in the first draw of the week are 34, 13, 23, 06 and 16, as well as the Lucky Star numbers 06 and 07. The most common numbers at the time of writing are 20, 27, 10, 17 and 07, along with the Lucky Stars 09 and 02. A full breakdown of how all of the numbers in the game have performed can be viewed on our EuroMillions Statistics page.

We congratulate the latest jackpot winner, and everyone else who won a EuroMillions prize of any kind last Friday night. Choose your numbers today if you’d like a chance of winning big on Tuesday, and good luck!

Published: Monday 4th September 2017

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