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Seventh EuroMillions Jackpot Win for the UK in 2019

Seventh EuroMillions Jackpot Win for the UK in 2019
Updated: Wednesday 4th December 2019

The UK’s run of luck in EuroMillions has continued with a seventh jackpot win of the year. A single ticket holder matched all the numbers in the latest draw on Tuesday 3rd December to scoop more than £40 million.

Another Special Night for the UK

The winning numbers on Tuesday were 18, 31, 32, 38 and 48, with Lucky Stars 4 and 12. There were over 1.3 million winning tickets across the 13 different prize categories throughout Europe, with one player from Spain matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star to bank €883,408.

Four participants from Europe won €51,438 in the ‘Match 5’ tier, but it was the UK that sold more winning tickets in total than any other country with 357,896. Another UK player won £1 million after matching the Millionaire Maker code of VRTL46314. Go to the EuroMillions Results page for a full prize breakdown.

The final jackpot was worth £40,957,696.90, having rolled over for the past three draws since Tuesday 19th November. Announcing the news that the top prize had been won in the UK, the National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Advisor Andy Carter said: “This massive win follows hot on the heels of Steve and Lenka Thomson, who won an incredible £105 million last month. Tonight's big winner has scooped the seventh EuroMillions jackpot banked in the UK this year.”

Who Have Been the UK’s 2019 Winners?

EuroMillions is played in nine participating countries but the UK has enjoyed far more success than anywhere else in 2019, winning seven of the 13 jackpots to have been given away - including the last three. Here’s more about this year’s UK winners:

Patrick and Francis Connolly - The first winners came all the way back on New Year’s Day, and were revealed to be the Connollys from Northern Ireland. They had contacted the National Lottery by 8am the next day and spoke to the press on Friday morning. They said they already had happiness with their family life and described the £114 million jackpot as ‘the icing on the cake’. The Connollys, who bought just one Lucky Dip ticket online for the draw, also said they had drawn up a list of around 50 friends and family members who they wanted to share the money with.

Ade Goodchild - The 58-year-old factory worker Ade Goodchild from Hereford won £71 million on 15th March and revealed that he intended to enjoy the money as much as possible. He started by celebrating with a takeaway pizza, and set his sights on a private chef and chauffeur, as well as a swimming pool, jacuzzi and lots of holidays. He also planned to give up work, buy a new house and go to top sporting events. Summing up his attitude to the win, he said: “I’m not one of these winners who is going to say this win won’t change me. It bloody well will or at least I’ll give it a damn good go.”

Anonymous April winner - The UK’s third winner of the year was a player who bagged £38 million on 23rd April. It was quickly announced that the prize had been claimed anonymously, so no more information was released about where the ticket was sold or if it belonged to an individual or a syndicate.

Superdraw Success - A EuroMillions Superdraw on 7th June boosted the jackpot to a guaranteed €130 million (£115 million), and it rolled over once before a UK player won £123 million on 11th June. There was no news about the winner for more than a week, before it was announced that they had staked their claim and decided to remain anonymous. They were the UK’s third-biggest winner at the time.

Record Winner - The biggest jackpot of the year arrived on 8th October following a record-breaking run of rollovers. The top prize had soared all the way up to its jackpot cap of €190 million and stayed there for four consecutive draws in an unprecedented period of EuroMillions excitement, meaning that a Must Be Won draw had to be held. The jackpot would have rolled down to players in the ‘Match 5 + 1 Lucky Star’ category if nobody had matched all the numbers, but one ticket holder won the lot to instantly become £170 million richer. It was the biggest win ever seen in the UK and the lucky player, who staked their claim two days later, opted for anonymity.

Steve and Lenka Thomson - The Thomsons, from West Sussex, claimed the ninth-largest jackpot in UK history when they won £105 million on 19th November. Steve admitted that he thought he was on the verge of having a heart attack when he found out he had won such a vast amount, before he regained his composure and started to look forward to a bright future for his family. He said one of their children had already requested a new Tesla car, while another wanted a pink iPhone.

The latest winner has 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their prize, and they can decide whether to stay anonymous or go public as the Thomsons did when they came forward last week. Steve Thomson said it would have been ‘so difficult to live a lie and not tell anyone about the win’, especially as they planned to give up work and move house.

Whether the UK’s good fortune carries on into 2020 remains to be seen, but there are lots more opportunities to win before the end of the year and you have to be in the draw to have a chance of grabbing the next jackpot. The top prize will be worth £14 million for the next draw on Friday night, so why not play online or go to an authorised retailer to put yourself in contention?

Published: Wednesday 4th December 2019

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