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Richard and Debbie Nuttall Claim £61 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

Richard and Debbie Nuttall Claim £61 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

Richard and Debbie Nuttall from Colne in Lancashire have gone public as the winners of the £61 million EuroMillions jackpot from Tuesday 30th January. Speaking to the media, they revealed that it felt ‘surreal’ to suddenly become so rich and they are now looking forward to a bright future.

The lucky couple matched all the numbers in the £123 million draw at the end of January. The money ended up being split as a ticket from Spain also won, and there was a Spanish connection for the Nuttalls as they actually found out about the win whilst on holiday in Fuerteventura.

"It was the second day of our holiday and I had got up early to finish off a bit of work. I noticed the email from the National Lottery stating that there was ‘exciting news about your ticket,” Richard said at a press event at Mitton Hall Hotel in Clitheroe.

“So I checked my National Lottery account and saw the balance had gone up and we’d won £2.60. Fair enough. I shut my laptop, had breakfast and then we set off for the day, driving around the island. We enjoyed the sea views, blue skies and windsurfers before heading back.  

“It was early afternoon when we spotted another email saying we should check our account. I thought it was odd and there must be a glitch in the system to get a duplicate email but I logged in again to my National Lottery account to check. We were totally stunned, it said we had won over £61 million.”

After initially thinking it must be a mix-up or elaborate scam, he called one of his daughters so they could double-check from the UK.

When it came to finally calling the National Lottery, they struggled to get through due to a poor phone signal and eventually had to pull over on to a verge whilst driving around looking for better reception. Even then, a bus driver kept tapping on their car window because he wanted to park there.

When the win was eventually confirmed, the couple did not hold back with their celebrations. Richard added: “Well, by this time me and Debs are going mental, jumping up and down in our car seats, punching the air, thumping the dashboard, the car must have been rocking, it was the whole Delboy and Rodney scene when they finally became millionaires outside Sotheby's!”

Richard’s first purchase as a multimillionaire was a new set of golf clubs, while Debbie bought a new hairdryer. They are now hunting for a new family home in Lancashire, complete with a bigger garden and a greenhouse, and a holiday home in Portugal.

First UK Winners of 2024

The Nuttalls were the first UK EuroMillions winners of 2024. Their success came after a Superdraw on Friday 26th January had rolled over, setting up such an enormous jackpot.

Every big winner has the option to go public or stay private. While most opt for anonymity, there have been plenty of lucky players over the years who have been happy to share their story.

Whether you would embrace publicity or remain anonymous, you can try to follow in the Nuttalls' footsteps by becoming the next big winner. Draws continue every Tuesday and Friday night, and the next Superdraw is scheduled for Friday 15th March.

Published: Wednesday 21st February 2024

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