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Retired Teacher Mistakes £1 Million Win For Pint of Milk

Retired Teacher Mistakes £1 Million Win For Pint of Milk

A retired teacher from Fife has revealed that he thought he had won a pint of milk when he first discovered that he was due a prize on a National Lottery scratchcard. The scratchcard was actually worth a fantastic £1 million, and the lucky player says the windfall will make a huge difference to his life.

Bill Bett, 69, bought a Monopoly Millionaire 2017 scratchcard from his local Co-op and uncovered a code which said ‘1MIL’, leaving him unsure what he had actually won. Prizes range from £5 up to £1 million and Bill had always thought that no one ever wins that much on a scratchcard.

He recalled: “When I saw the amount, it didn't really click at first. On the card, it reads 1MIL and I thought what does this mean - I've won a pint of milk? I went back into the shop and asked them to check it. They confirmed that I had won and that I'd have to call the lottery line. I couldn't believe it but I actually remained quite calm.”

Bill has already used some of the money to buy a new bungalow, having found the stairs at his house difficult due to health issues. He also plans to take up painting again and buy a caravan on the coast. He said: “It will make a huge difference having everything on one level. I will have a conservatory and a garage for storage which means I will have space to take up painting again. I used to teach art to children with learning difficulties but I haven’t painted for years.”

As Bill celebrates his newfound wealth, lottery fans around the UK can try to emulate his success by enjoying big games such as Lotto and EuroMillions. The Lotto jackpot is up to £17.4 million for Saturday’s draw after a rollover last night, while the top prize in Friday’s EuroMillions will be worth £44 million. You can choose numbers online or go to any authorised retailer. Good luck!

Published: Thursday 15th June 2017

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