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Record EuroMillions Jackpot Won in France

Record EuroMillions Jackpot Won in France
Updated: Saturday 12th December 2020

The highest jackpot in the history of EuroMillions was won on Friday 11th December by a single player in France. The win brings to an end a run of three consecutive jackpots at the cap, and now makes the cap rise by €10 million up to the new cap of €210 million.

The winning numbers for the EuroMillions draw were 6-9-13-24-41 and the lucky stars were 3 and 12. You can find the full prize breakdown here.

Because the jackpot cap had been in place for three draws, there was considerable funds added to the second prize tier for matching five numbers and one lucky star. So much so that winners in the UK, of which there were five last night, won £1,886,380 each and will wake up as millionaires despite not winning the top prize. This inflated prize is almost nine times higher than what they would have won in a normal draw before the cap was reached.

The final jackpot that could have been won by a UK player last night was £183,120,000, nearly £8 million higher than the pre-draw advertised jackpot of £175 million. Had the jackpot been won by a UK player it would have surpassed the previous record amount won in the UK by over £10 million.

The jackpot win last night was the 19th of the year in 2020. So far there have been five jackpot winners in the UK, and the winning French player becomes the 110th jackpot winner from France, taking it past the UK for the most jackpot wins by a country on EuroMillions.

Jackpot Cap Increased to €210 million

In-line with the new EuroMillions jackpot cap rules announced at the start of 2020, the jackpot cap now increases up to €210 million. When that jackpot is reached it will once again offer the biggest jackpot the UK has ever had the chance to win, but also the biggest jackpot ever offered in Europe. Currently that record is held by SuperEnalotto, the biggest lottery in Italy, when it was won at €209 million in 2019.

The jackpot now resets to £15 million for the draw on Tuesday 15th December. There are five more chances to win before the end of 2020, so get your entries in if you want a chance to finish the year as a millionaire.

Published: Saturday 12th December 2020

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