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Postcode Lottery Player Wins Share of £3 Million A Day After Redundancy

Postcode Lottery Player Wins Share of £3 Million A Day After Redundancy

A woman from the East Riding of Yorkshire has revealed how her worries have ‘melted away’ after she won a big prize on the People’s Postcode Lottery, just a day after she had been made redundant.

The Postcode Millions game rewards players with a share of £3 million each month. If you have the exact postcode selected as the winner, you receive a larger percentage, but you also get a cut just for being in the same postcode sector.

In Saturday’s draw, for instance, the full winning postcode was YO25 4PE, netting the eight Nafferton neighbours £178,213 each. The 330 residents from the surrounding Driffield area, who all played with the YO25 4 postcode sector, received £4,254 each.

‘Don’t Have To Worry About Working Anytime Soon’

One of the winners, Susan, was given a cheque for £182,467 at a special event at the Driffield Showground at the weekend. She had entered the postcodes for both her old and current addresses, and said the big win could not have come at a better time.

“I can't quite believe it. I was made redundant yesterday and it was my birthday last week, so to come here today and win this amount of money is just incredible,” she said. “My redundancy was always something that was looming and now the worry has melted away with this win. It means so much to me. I won't have to think about work or working anytime soon."

Another winner, Julie, declared that she would be putting her money towards paying for her daughter’s upcoming wedding, while retired signalman John described himself as staggered and overwhelmed to win £178,213. He said: “For once in my life I'm speechless, I'm not known for being a quiet person but I couldn't speak. I'm currently renting so I'm going to buy a house in Driffield. I'd love a big garden and two garages.”

How The Postcode Lottery Works

The People’s Postcode Lottery is a charity lottery that is not part of the National Lottery’s portfolio of games. It is run by Dutch company Novamedia and is open to residents of Great Britain.

Unlike games such as EuroMillions and Lotto, you play with your postcode rather than by choosing a set of numbers. Winning postcodes are selected at random, and if you subscribe for £10 a month you will be entered into every single draw.

The Postcode Millions game offers the largest prize fund, but there are a wide variety of other draws. In daily draws, 20 winning postcodes are selected and every player from all of those locations receives £1,000 each. Every Saturday and Sunday, each ticket in one postcode also wins a £30,000 street prize.

The Postcode Lottery has raised more than £427 million for good causes since it began in 2005, with 32 percent of the money from ticket sales going towards charitable projects. This money benefits children’s welfare, the environment, animal protection, arts, culture and much more.

Published: Wednesday 5th June 2019

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