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Plasterer Won’t Quit Work, Move Home or Fix Teeth After £1 Million Win

Plasterer Won’t Quit Work, Move Home or Fix Teeth After £1 Million Win

Most lottery players dream about the day they can give up work or move to a bigger home, but a self-employed plasterer from Suffolk has vowed not to make any drastic changes to his life after winning £1 million. He says he will not even sort out his wonky teeth.

Matt Fairfull, 62, and his wife Marilyn, 64, instantly became millionaires at the weekend when she bought a Monopoly Classic scratchcard for £5 and discovered she was a winner. Recalling the moment she scratched off her card, Marilyn said: “I felt physically sick. I just didn’t believe it. It really is magic. This time last week I was wondering what we’d be having for dinner. Now I’m wondering what to do with a million quid.”

Cutting Down to Six and a Half Days a Week

Matt, who works up to seven days a week, is missing several front teeth and has one of his top teeth sticking out of his mouth, but he is not interested in having any dental work done to change his appearance. He explained: “No I won’t because it would not be me. I am what I am. I am happy with the way they are. I am the governor, no matter what.”

The couple do not want to leave the family home in Stowmarket, but have plans to decorate and buy a giant TV to watch the World Cup in comfort. Matt joked that he would limit himself to ‘just six and a half days a week’ at from now on, while they are also looking forward to going on holiday to Jamaica and Matt wants to replace his 22-year-old Vauxhall Corsa van.

Marilyn also has her eyes on a new car to replace her 14-year-old Toyota Celica, and also wants to cut back her hours at a greeting card factory rather than retire completely. She may consider paying a dentist to improve her own discoloured teeth.

The lucky husband and wife are determined to carry on leading the same sort of lives, with Matt saying: “We are going to keep being normal people.” They have four children and five grandchildren, and are happy that the family is set up for the future. Matt added: “Like everybody we have had good times and bad times and now we have got a chance to have a really good time.”

How To Become A Millionaire This Weekend

National Lottery scratchcards give players the opportunity to win instant cash prizes, rising into seven figures, and are available from authorised retailers across the UK. Fans can also enjoy draw games such as EuroMillions, Lotto and Thunderball for more chances to snap up wonderful awards.

There is a stunning jackpot of £32 million in Friday night’s EuroMillions draw, while Lotto has a top prize of £5.1 million and you can take part in Thunderball four times a week to try and win the maximum £500,000. Join an online syndicate to boost your chances of landing a fantastic prize, whether you want to carry on leading a normal life like the Fairfulls or want to splash out on some exciting plans for the future.

Published: Friday 18th May 2018

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