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Persistence Pays for Lotto Jackpot Winner!

Persistence Pays for Lotto Jackpot Winner!
Updated: Monday 23rd July 2018

A Lotto player who has been entering the same numbers since the game began in November 1994 is celebrating having won just over £5 million. Tommy Parker, who is 68 and lives in East Lothian, was rewarded for his persistence when the £25 million ‘must be won’ jackpot rolled down to second tier prize winners on Wednesday 18 October.

Tommy lives with his wife Linda, who is 67, and initially he thought that he had won a smaller prize for five numbers. Then he noticed that he had also matched the Bonus Ball number. That was even better, but not as good as the shocking realisation that the jackpot had rolled down to make his ticket worth £5,014,254.

Linda has arthritis, and currently finds it difficult to get around their home, so Tommy now plans to have a new house built which doesn’t require his wife to go up and down any stairs. Their son-in-law is a builder, and has often joked that he would build the couple a house if they ever won the lottery, so he may now end up doing exactly that!

As well as having a new home built to order, the couple, who have been married for 47 years, plan to enjoy an extra special Christmas with their 12-year-old grandson, as well as take a cruise. In the meantime, Tommy has been busy painting his kitchen. He began the project before the Lotto win, and he is carrying on regardless.  ‘I know now I’m a millionaire and I can get someone to do that for me, but I’ve started the job so I’ll finish it too,’ he said. ‘I need to occupy my mind with something while I think.’

If you feel inspired by Tommy and Linda's stunning win, and their story of persistence paying off handsomely, the next Lotto game will take place on Saturday 28 October. The draw will offer a rollover jackpot worth around £5.2 million, so be sure to get involved if you fancy being the next big winner, and good luck!

Published: Thursday 26th October 2017

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