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National Lottery Launches 2019 #ThanksToYou Campaign

National Lottery Launches 2019 #ThanksToYou Campaign
Updated: Wednesday 18th December 2019

Continuing its 25th birthday celebrations, the National Lottery has launched its #ThanksToYou campaign for 2019, offering lottery players free entry to some of the attractions around the UK that have benefited from lottery funding.

What is #ThanksToYou?

#ThanksToYou is a returning campaign that aims to thank National Lottery players for the amount of money they have helped to raise for good causes all over the UK. In 2018 players could pick from 500 different offers, from free entry into some of the UK’s biggest tourist attractions to free cups of tea and coffee at others.

The 2019 #ThanksToYou campaign ties in with the National Lottery’s 25th birthday and celebrates the £40 billion - over £30 million a week - that has been raised for good causes in that time. Tourist attractions up and down the country are once again opening their doors to National Lottery players for this year’s campaign.

How Does #ThanksToYou Work?

Anyone who presents a ticket for any National Lottery game between 23rd November and 1st December 2019 will be able to get involved with this year’s #ThanksToYou. This year’s offers include free entry to museums all across the country, free entry to National Trust attractions, and even complimentary tours of BT Murrayfield Stadium, the home of Scottish rugby. 

You can use any National Lottery ticket or scratchcard - even those purchased before the campaign started - to take advantage of the #ThanksToYou offers. Some attractions - including the Murrayfield tour - require you to register your details as places are limited, but for others you simply have to show your National Lottery ticket within the promotional period to be eligible for the offer.

The campaign runs for nine days, ending on 1st December, but the days on which you can redeem certain offers may differ depending on the attraction’s own terms and conditions. For example, the first 25 visitors to the National Justice Museum in Nottingham on 25th November will benefit from free entry, while you can get free entry to the Charles Dickens museum in London on 1st December.

You can see the full list of attractions and search for ones news you on the National Lottery’s Good Causes website.

Over half a million projects have benefited from National Lottery funding over the last quarter-century. They range in scale from those like Wembley Stadium, which received a substantial grant to be redesigned and rebuilt in 2002, to the funding of arts institutes, sports teams and organisations that celebrate and preserve the heritage of the UK. A portion of every lottery ticket and scratchcard sold in the UK goes towards funding good causes.

Published: Friday 15th November 2019

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