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National Lottery Games Set For Exciting Changes

National Lottery Games Set For Exciting Changes
Updated: Friday 6th July 2018

National Lottery organiser Camelot looks set to introduce a number of exciting changes, including improvements to Lotto, the introduction of EuroMillions HotPicks and an extra Thunderball draw. These alterations are designed to give players even more chances to win big throughout the week and raise additional funds for worthy causes across the UK.

Lotto Changes

Despite rumours that the Lotto number matrix was set to drop back to 49 from its current 59, the National Lottery has opted to stick with the current ballset, as well as the £2-per-line entry fee. However, lottery bosses have promised to put into play systems that mean the jackpot will be won more often. Tests are taking place and more will be revealed in the near future. Updates will be published on the Lotto Changes page when more information becomes available.

EuroMillions Changes

EuroMillions HotPicks is a brand new game launched by the National Lottery in January 2018, giving you the chance to win larger prizes for matching fewer numbers in each EuroMillions draw. The game requires players to select between one and five numbers, with the potential payout dependant on how many digits they wish to match. The main numbers from the twice-weekly EuroMillions draws are used and players must match all the numbers displayed on their ticket in order to win.

Entry costs just £1.50 and the more numbers matched, the bigger the prize, with one number yielding a return of £10, all the way up to £1 million for those able to match all five numbers. 

Thunderball Changes

From 30th January 2018, there will be four Thunderball draws a week, rather than the current three. The additional Tuesday draw will offer another opportunity for lottery fans who prefer shorter odds but more modest payouts to pick up prizes worth up to £500,000. The format of the game will remain the same, with players matching five main numbers from 39 and a single Thunderball from a selection of 14 to win the jackpot. The ticket price remains £1 per line.

What is an Annuity-Style Game?

While some players would dearly love to clinch a colossal sum of money, others would favour long-term financial security and it is here where the concept of an annuity-style game comes into play. Although details about the game have yet to be officially announced, it is believed that the new game will be similar to the Australian draw Set For Life or America’s multi-state lottery Lucky for Life.

Instead of offering a huge, one-off payment, these games reward players over a set number of years, with winners benefitting from regular instalments of cash. Although there has been no word on when the game will be unveiled in the UK, the prospect of the new-style option has certain set the pulses of lottery lovers racing.

Published: Tuesday 21st November 2017

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