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More Millionaire Lottery Winners Guaranteed!

More Millionaire Lottery Winners Guaranteed!
Updated: Thursday 23rd February 2017

The end of the week is almost upon us, but by the time we get there, at least four lottery players in the UK are sure to have won themselves millionaire status in the Millionaire Maker and Lotto Millionaire Raffle draws that will take place this Friday and Saturday. In addition, the jackpots in both the Friday EuroMillions and Saturday Lotto games will offer inflated jackpots of around £24 million and £5.6 million, respectively, thanks to rollovers in both of the previous draws.

EuroMillions players have already enjoyed the first instalment of this month’s Mega Week event, and the next draw on Friday 24 February will deliver the second one. Three players will each win £1 million and a luxury Hawaiian adventure holiday by matching one of the winning Millionaire Maker codes, and that will happen even if no player wins the jackpot in the EuroMillions game itself.

Players who want to include one or more of the most overdue numbers on their tickets for the Friday EuroMillions game should be considering the main numbers 09, 42, 12, 37 and 06, along with the Lucky Star numbers 12 and 01. The most common numbers at the time of writing are 10, 27, 23, 07 and 17, along with the Lucky Star numbers 09 and 02. Players who would prefer to enter a random selection of numbers may find it useful to take the free EuroMillions Number Generator for a spin.

The Lotto draw on Saturday 25 February will be the last one of the month, and the most overdue numbers as we head towards that are 57, 24, 12, 55, 25 and 39, whilst the most common numbers are 54, 14, 37, 40, 02 and 41. Whether or not anyone wins the £5.6 million jackpot which is expected to be on offer, one player is sure to end the evening £1 million richer by matching the code drawn in the associated Lotto Millionaire Raffle game. As always, an additional 20 prizes of £20,000 each will be won in the standard Lotto Raffle.

As you can see, there is plenty to get excited about as we end the working week, but the only way to stand a chance of winning is to buy a ticket or two. Download one of our free lottery apps to your smartphone or similar device if you would like to be able to check your numbers within seconds of the draws taking place, good luck with your entries and have a winning weekend!

Published: Thursday 23rd February 2017

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