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Monster Jackpots Follow Mega Week!

Monster Jackpots Follow Mega Week!
Updated: Monday 6th February 2017

EuroMillions and Lotto players can look forward to playing for some monster jackpots this week thanks to rollovers in both of the previous draws. This comes just days after Mega Week transformed ten UK EuroMillions players into brand new millionaires, and gave each of them a luxury Private Pools Escape to enjoy in the very near future.

The first EuroMillions game of the week will take place on Tuesday 7 February, when the rollover jackpot will be worth an estimated £21 million. UK players are still seeking their first win of the year, so maybe Lady Luck will decide that this is the week in which she delivers the goods. Our EuroMillions Statistics reveals that the most overdue main numbers as we approach Tuesday’s draw are 24, 09, 36, 42 and 33, whilst the most overdue Lucky Stars are 12 and 01, so perhaps one or more of those could help someone to win big.

Regardless of whether or not the EuroMillions jackpot is won on Tuesday, two UK participants are guaranteed to become £1 million richer thanks to the Millionaire Maker game. Every line of numbers purchased for the main EuroMillions draw automatically gives the player a separate Millionaire Maker code, so anyone who wants to improve their chances of winning £1 million can do so by simply entering more lines for the main game.

The midweek Lotto game on Wednesday 8 February will offer a jackpot worth around £7.2 million after both of the last two games saw the top prize roll over. In addition, the Lotto Millionaire Raffle draw is certain to make one participant a winner of £1 million, and the Lotto Raffle game will create 20 winners of £20,000 each. The most overdue Lotto numbers at the time of writing are 57, 56, 24, 12, 38 and 01.

There aren’t many ways of going from zero to hero in the space of a few minutes, but lottery games make it possible, so if you fancy becoming a millionaire or even a multi-millionaire by the end of the week, you know what to do. Download one of our free lottery apps so that you can check your numbers within minutes of the draws taking place and you could soon be living the kind of life that most people only ever dream about. Enjoy the games and good luck! 

Published: Monday 6th February 2017

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