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Massive EuroMillions Jackpot for Mega Week!

Massive EuroMillions Jackpot for Mega Week!
Updated: Monday 23rd July 2018

This week is Mega Week for EuroMillions players, and that means six players in the UK are guaranteed to arrive at the end of it with an extra £1 million and a luxury Japanese holiday to their name. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the jackpot in the main EuroMillions game rolled over for the eleventh draw in a row last Friday, so the jackpot on offer this Tuesday 23 May is expected to be worth a staggering £101 million!

The best of Japan awaits Mega Week winners, with each of six winners (and one guest each) set to enjoy a 14-day luxury holiday in Japan or a cash alternative of £54,120. Every EuroMillions ticket purchased for the game on Tuesday 23 or Friday 26 May will give its owner a unique Millionaire Maker number for the same night, and if that number matches one of the three that are drawn as winners, it will be worth a Japanese holiday, plus £1 million.

Whilst the Mega Week prizes are sure to be won no matter how players fare in the main EuroMillions game, everyone is hoping that someone will win big in the main game too. The £101 million which is up for grabs is more than six times bigger than a standard EuroMillions jackpot, but the odds of winning it are exactly the same as they would be if it were worth just £15 million, and the cost of playing one line is also the same, so every ticket purchased will offer even more value than usual.

Followers of our EuroMillions Statistics may find it interesting to note that four out of five of the most overdue main numbers are at the higher end of the range. Those numbers are 18, 40, 42, 41 and 48, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 10 and 05. Of course, none of those numbers have any greater chance of appearing than any others, mathematically speaking, but anyone who favours higher numbers will be watching carefully to see how those selections perform on Tuesday.

With a jackpot of £101 million and three guaranteed Millionaire Maker prizes on offer in the first EuroMillions game of the week, many lottery enthusiasts will be seeking to improve their chances of success by entering multiple lines of numbers. That could make checking the results a time-consuming task, but anyone who downloads one of our free lottery apps will be able to make light of it thanks to its built-in Ticket Checker feature. 

Will someone land the £101 million jackpot on Tuesday, or will it roll over once again and give us the chance to play for nine figures on Friday? We won’t know the answer to that question until after the event, so choose your numbers without delay, keep your fingers crossed and be sure to give us a shout if you manage to land the big one. Good luck!

Published: Monday 22nd May 2017

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