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Lucky Hunch Wins Cab Driver £1 Million

Lucky Hunch Wins Cab Driver £1 Million
Updated: Thursday 31st August 2017

A lucky hunch recently helped a cab driver from Wrexham win a cool £1 million. 58-year-old Alan Phillips had previously played a lottery scratchcard and won £10, but when he went to buy his Sunday newspapers and collect the prize, he decided to buy two £5 scratchcards with the proceeds because he was, in his words, ‘feeling lucky’. 

Alan returned to his cab to play the new scratchcards, and was soon shocked to discover that one of them had given him the top prize of £1 million. He quickly returned to the shop to ask the cashier if was seeing things, and then, when he had been assured that the prize really had been won, he called his wife Caroline to share the good news.

Unfortunately, Alan is something of a joker, and had previously pranked his wife about winning big on several occasions, so it was no great surprise that she didn’t believe a word of his story. It was only when he let her see the ticket itself that she began to realise it wasn't a wind up this time.

The couple, who have six children and ten grandchildren, have said that the £1 million win will ‘go a long way’ to changing not only their lives, but the lives of their entire family. Even so, Alan was back at work as if nothing had happened the very next day, and said that he currently has no intention of handing in his notice.

For Caroline, it’s a slightly different story, and she is currently working her notice after choosing to quit her job as a cleaner. The win has made it possible for her to realise her dream of taking early retirement and spending a lot more time with her grandchildren.

As far as spending plans are concerned, the couple will splash out on a caravan for Caroline, be generous with their children and make their 40th wedding anniversary celebrations extra special. Alan has also said that he will treat the woman who sold him the winning scratchcard, and who later uttered the four words that changed his life forever: ‘You’re now a millionaire.’

We congratulate Alan on his big win, which proves once again that lucky hunches do pay off handsomely from time to time. Those of you who are feeling lucky today may want to have a go at winning big yourself, in which case you can explore our range of online scratchcards to try and land yourself a fortune from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the games and good luck!

Published: Thursday 31st August 2017

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