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Lotto Winner Claims £21 Million Jackpot

Lotto Winner Claims £21 Million Jackpot
Updated: Friday 26th July 2019

National Lottery officials have confirmed that the £21 million Lotto jackpot from Saturday 12th May has now been claimed. The winner made contact just a week after the draw took place and can now look forward to starting life as a multimillionaire.

Lotto players were urged to check their tickets after a single participant scooped the largest prize of the year so far. The winning numbers were 1, 15, 21, 30, 35 and 44, and ticket holders were reminded that they had 180 days to come forward before the money would be given to the Good Causes Fund.

The winner has quickly got in touch to stake a claim, but no more information will be disclosed about where they come from, or whether the ticket belonged to an individual or a syndicate, unless they decide to go public.

“Another amazing Lotto jackpot winner in 2018 can now start to enjoy their life-changing fortune,” said Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Advisor. “We will now look to support the winner as they take the first steps to enjoy this incredible win.”

Lotto Winners Land £1 Million After Stopping Off for Mushy Peas

The Lotto jackpot was not the only huge prize given away on Saturday 12th May. The Lotto Millionaire Raffle guarantees that one ticket holder will receive £1 million in every draw, and William and Sophie Richards have been presented with their giant cheque this week after matching the winning code.

William was asked by his wife to pick up some mushy peas on his way back home from Comic Con in Cardiff to their home in Swansea, so he decided to call in at Cardiff Bay Asda. He explained at a media call: “I bought my lottery tickets because I found myself somewhere I wouldn’t normally have been and took that as a sign.”

The self-employed 32-year-old bought five Lucky Dip tickets and initially found it so hard to take the news in that he waited seven hours to let his wife know. Sophie said: “I knew something was up as he was telling me with tears in his eyes, but I still couldn’t believe it.”

WrestleMania Dream Can Come True

The best part about winning the lottery is that it will provide William and Sophie, who met while working at Asda, with financial security, but they are also looking forward to going on a couple of trips. They plan to take their three young children to Disney World in Florida, and William also hopes to fulfil a lifelong dream of watching WrestleMania.

He said: “I’ve been a fan of wrestling since I was little and have always wanted to see it live. It’s in New York next year so it might be my chance.”

Whether you’ve always shared William’s enthusiasm for watching live wrestling or just fancy having the same sort of financial freedom, you can take part in Lotto or EuroMillions this week for your chance to win an extraordinary sum of money.

The Lotto jackpot is back up to £6.4 million ahead of Wednesday night’s draw, while Friday night’s EuroMillions will offer a stunning £50 million. Go to any authorised retailer or join an online syndicate to take part.

Published: Wednesday 23rd May 2018

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