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Lotto Success Strikes Again

Lotto Success Strikes Again
Updated: Monday 23rd October 2017

Lotto delivered a massive payout for the second time in as many draws last Saturday 21 October, and this time it was thanks to one ticket matching all six of the main numbers. Those numbers were 03, 31, 37, 41, 44 and 59, along with the Bonus Ball 32, and the jackpot which was landed was worth £3,500,729.

The previous Lotto draw on Wednesday 18 October had seen the jackpot roll down to those who had qualified for a prize at the second tier, so it was good to see some proper jackpot-winning luck return on Saturday. There was also quite a bit of good fortune experienced at the lower tiers, with more than 1.13 million tickets winning consolation prizes.

Lotto Millionaire Raffle Winner

As usual, one ticket won a cash prize of £1 million by matching the Millionaire Raffle code, and on Saturday that code was TEAL 4894 6928. The Lotto Raffle draw created 20 winners of £20,000 each, and the full list of winning codes can be found on our Lotto Results page.

Good Luck Comes in Threes?

With Lotto players having won stacks of cash in each of the last two draws, players are wondering if this is one of those occurrences that just might come in threes. In which case the midweek draw this Wednesday 25 October could well make someone else a multi-millionaire. The jackpot for the coming draw is expected to be worth around £1.8 million, and whilst that isn’t as big as in either of the last two draws, it is still more than enough to put any outright winner on Easy Street.

The most overdue Lotto numbers right now are 23, 19, 36, 02, 24 and 09, and the most common numbers are 54, 41, 52, 14, 37 and 34, so it will be interesting to see if any of those help someone to win big this Wednesday. Players who would prefer to enter a random selection of numbers may find it useful to take our Lotto Number Generator for a spin.

Whatever numbers you choose for the midweek Lotto game, download one of our free lottery apps to have the results delivered direct to your mobile within seconds of the draw taking place, and good luck!

Published: Monday 23rd October 2017

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