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Lotto Raffle Offers 200 Extra Christmas Prizes

Lotto Raffle Offers 200 Extra Christmas Prizes
Updated: Friday 15th November 2019

The final Lotto draw before Christmas promises to be a festive humdinger, with 200 extra raffle prizes up for grabs on Saturday 23rd December. The jackpot has also climbed to a phenomenal £21.7 million, giving players the opportunity to snap up some incredible sums of money.

How The Christmas Lotto Raffle Works

You will be automatically entered into the Lotto Christmas Raffle as soon as you play Lotto. For each set of Lotto numbers you pick, a unique random raffle code will be generated for your ticket. The code consists of a four-digit colour followed by an eight-digit number, for example GOLD 1234 5678.

There is a Lotto Raffle every Wednesday and Saturday night, but in regular draws there are a standard 21 prizes available. One code is worth £1 million and the other 20 are worth £20,000. Special draws are held from time to time to offer even more prizes, and on Saturday there will be 220 prizes worth £20,0000 rather than the usual £20, as well as one code worth £1 million. The winning codes are selected at random, but the prizes are guaranteed to be won as the only codes entered into the draw are the ones which have been sold.

The odds of winning a Lotto Raffle prize are based on how many players take part and as such vary from draw to draw, but the chances of picking up a prize on Saturday will be significantly better than usual thanks to the 200 extra codes.

Huge Lotto Jackpot

As well as the Lotto Raffle, the jackpot in the main game has shot past the £20 million mark after another rollover on Wednesday night. The top prize is now approaching its jackpot cap, meaning that at least one lucky player is sure to be celebrating before the end of the year.

Ticket holders everywhere will be hoping the jackpot gets cracked this weekend, and you can get involved online or by visiting an authorised retailer. Good luck!

Published: Thursday 21st December 2017

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