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Lotto Prize Nears £22 Million Jackpot Cap

Lotto Prize Nears £22 Million Jackpot Cap
Updated: Tuesday 10th October 2017

Excitement is beginning to build ahead of this Wednesday’s £19.7 million Lotto draw as the game’s top prize creeps ever closer to its £22 million jackpot cap.The reward on offer has been building ever since a single ticket holder walked away with £16.9 million on Saturday 9th September.

The Story of 2017

This has certainly been a bumper year for Lotto fans, who have witnessed the game’s jackpot surpass the £20 million mark on two separate occasions. The first came in the draw on Wednesday 24th May, when the prize on offer actually exceeded the cap by more than £2.5 million. There was no jackpot winner, but the prize had to be won and two players in the Match 5 + Bonus tier eventually prospered to share a rolled down jackpot of £25.5 million.

The second largest jackpot of 2017 came just nine draws later on Saturday 24th June as an anonymous ticket holder landed a prize worth £21.3 million. Since then, the jackpot has repeatedly threatened to trouble the cap, but has always been won with a draw or two to spare. However, should this current sum continue to roll, Lotto players could be presented with a ‘must-win’ situation very soon.

History of the Cap

Lotto introduced its jackpot cap in October 2015, with the understanding that, once it passed that amount, it could roll over just once before it had to be won. It was set originally at £50 million and, in early 2016, the top prize remained untouched for 15 draws, which resulted in a jackpot of £66 million being offered to anyone able to match all six numbers. This run was ended by two ticket holders, but soon the jackpot was on the march once again as top prizes of over £30 million were offered in February and April. In order to ensure more regular big wins, National Lottery then brought the cap down to £22 million.

Practice Makes Perfect

Lottery lovers in the UK are familiar with the concept of a jackpot cap, having witnessed a similar limit enforced in recent EuroMillions draws. The pan-European game’s premium prize was eventually won on Friday 6th October, at the second attempt, by a Spanish ticket holder who purchased their entry from a shop in the of El Mirador Shopping Centre on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria.

Bringing an End to the Run

If you don’t fancy the idea of letting the current Lotto prize reach its jackpot cap, then you’ll need to take part in this Wednesday’s draw when you could win an estimated £19.7 million. So, for your chance to win big, simply pick your numbers online or play through any authorised retailer throughout the UK. Good Luck!

Published: Tuesday 10th October 2017

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