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Lotto Player Wins £7.7 Million Jackpot

Lotto Player Wins £7.7 Million Jackpot

A lucky ticket holder snapped up a Lotto jackpot of £7.7 million on Saturday night after matching all six main numbers. The top prize had previously rolled over for two draws in a row, having last been won on Wednesday 11th July.

What Were The Winning Lotto Numbers?

The numbers drawn on Saturday 21st July were 9, 13, 16, 25, 40 and 46. The Bonus Ball was 52, and there were winners in all six prize tiers. Apart from the player who landed the jackpot, another participant matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to scoop £72,716, while the other prizes ranged from a free Lotto Lucky Dip for matching two main numbers to £900 for players in the ‘Match 5’ category.

The winning Lotto Millionaire Raffle code was RUBY 6430 7531, instantly netting the player with a matching ticket £1 million. Check out the Lotto Results page for a list of the 20 other winning Lotto Raffle codes - worth £20,000 each - along with a full prize breakdown from the Lotto draw.

How to Claim Prizes

If you have won a prize you need to come forward within 180 days, otherwise the money will be donated to the Good Causes Fund. Smaller awards can just be collected from a retailer, but if you have won a larger amount you will need to contact the National Lottery directly. Visit the How to Claim page for more information.

The best way to make sure you do not miss out on a prize is to play online, as you will be notified straight away if you win. The money will either be transferred directly into your account or you will be told how to start the claims process for a larger prize.

Whether you play online or through a retailer, you can decide to stay anonymous if you win a big prize or go public with your story. It is one of the biggest decisions facing a jackpot winner, but National Lottery advisors are on hand to offer support whatever you want to do.

Huge Prizes Up For Grabs This Week

The Lotto jackpot will now drop to £1.8 million for the next draw on Wednesday night, while there will be a top prize of £31 million up for grabs in Tuesday’s EuroMillions. You can also enjoy other international games by choosing numbers online, giving you the chance to win extraordinary amounts.

The jackpot in US game Mega Millions has climbed to $493 million ahead of the next draw on Tuesday night, making it one of the largest lottery prizes in history. Whether you want to try your luck on Mega Millions or try to become the second Lotto jackpot winner in a row, go to the Tickets page to take part.

Published: Monday 23rd July 2018

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