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Lotto’s First ‘Must Be Won’ Draw Held and EuroMillions Superdraw Announced

Lotto’s First ‘Must Be Won’ Draw Held and EuroMillions Superdraw Announced

The first Lotto ‘Must Be Won’ draw took place at the weekend and to mark the occasion the National Lottery boosted the size of the jackpot on offer. Meanwhile, the date for the first EuroMillions Superdraw of 2019 has been announced.

Lotto Must Be Won Superdraw

The National Lottery introduced changes to Lotto on 21st November 2018, and as part of those changes, the jackpot cap was scrapped in favour of a five-draw rollover limit. Under the new rules, the jackpot can now only roll over for a maximum of five consecutive draws before a ‘Must Be Won’ draw is held and the prize money is guaranteed to be given away.

While the rollover limit had not been reached by the most recent draw on Saturday 22nd December, the National Lottery decided that it would be a special Lotto Superdraw to celebrate Christmas. It was scheduled as a Must Be Won draw and the jackpot was boosted to a guaranteed £15 million.

Had no players matched all six numbers in Saturday’s Lotto draw, the jackpot prize money would have been shared between all other winners who matched three or more numbers. As it happened, there were two jackpot-winning tickets, each matching the numbers 4, 15, 17, 24, 32, and 56 to take a £7.5 million share of the prize.

There were two other millionaires made on Saturday night, as two tickets matched five numbers plus the Bonus Ball. Under the old prize structure, this would have won each of the winners an estimated £50,000, but under the new rules, this prize is worth £1 million. You can see a full prize breakdown from Saturday’s draw on the Results page.

The dates of Lotto Superdraws are only confirmed several weeks in advance, so we will bring you the latest news about upcoming events like this one as soon as they are announced.

Next EuroMillions Superdraw Scheduled

EuroMillions is the lottery that is usually associated with Superdraws. There have been two in 2018, each offering a jackpot in excess of £100 million, and now the date of the first Superdraw of 2019 has been set.

It will take place on Friday 1st February, and the jackpot stands at a guaranteed €120 million (approximately £108 million). As usual, if the jackpot isn’t won on the night of the Superdraw, it will roll over until it is won or it hits its €190 million jackpot cap. Once this cap is reached, only four more rollovers can go by until the game’s own version of a Must Be Won draw is held, and the prize money is guaranteed to be awarded.

In the meantime, the EuroMillions jackpot is already up to £98 million for the next draw on Christmas Day, and just a few more rollovers would see it exceed the guaranteed jackpot for the Superdraw. You can buy tickets for the Christmas EuroMillions draw or the upcoming Superdraw as normal from any lottery retailer, or you can choose your numbers online.

Published: Monday 24th December 2018

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