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Lotto Jackpot Rolls Over To Hit £4.1 Million

Lotto Jackpot Rolls Over To Hit £4.1 Million
Updated: Thursday 27th December 2018

There were no jackpot winners in the Lotto draw on Wednesday 26th December, so the £2 million prize rolls over to the next draw on Saturday. There were, however, many winners in the other tiers, who between them took home millions of pounds in prize money.


Lotto Results

The winning numbers from Wednesday’s draw were 7, 14, 35, 45, 54, and 58, with Bonus Ball 1. There were 630,000 winners overall, and between them they took home prizes in five different categories. That included one winner in the 5+Bonus Ball tier, who took home £1 million, and 30 players who matched five numbers to win £1,750 each.

The lack of a jackpot winner means that the prize money will roll over to the following draw. Just four more rollovers after this one will take it to a ‘Must Be Won’ draw, where the top prize money is guaranteed to be awarded.

Must Be Won

Must Be Won draws were introduced alongside other changes to the game in November 2018. The previous jackpot cap of £22 million was ditched in favour of a format where the jackpot can only roll over five times before it is guaranteed to be given away in a Must Be Won draw.

If someone matches all six numbers in a Must Be Won draw, they will win the jackpot as normal. If nobody matches all six numbers, however, the prize money is split between all the other players who match three or more numbers. Each of the relevant prize tiers receives a certain percentage of the money, and it is split between all the winners in each tier. It is estimated that some prizes can increase by more than five times their original value in this way. See the Lotto Changes 2018 page to find out more.

The first Must Be Won draw occurred on Saturday 22nd December. The jackpot hadn’t rolled over a full five times but the National Lottery announced that the special draw would take place in celebration of Christmas. The top prize was set at a guaranteed £15 million and it ended up being split between two jackpot winners. As that was a Must Be Won draw, the jackpot reset to its starting value of £2 million for Wednesday’s draw.

The jackpot is already climbing again with this latest rollover. If you want to be in with a chance of winning the £4.1 million prize up for grabs in Saturday’s draw, buy a ticket from any authorised retailer in the UK, or choose your numbers online.

Published: Thursday 27th December 2018

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