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Lotto Game Guarantees Success!

Lotto Game Guarantees Success!
Updated: Friday 26th July 2019

The Lotto game this Saturday 5 August will not only offer a very attractive triple rollover jackpot of around £9.8 million, but it will also guarantee success for 21 participants thanks to its associated Lotto Millionaire Raffle and Lotto Raffle draws.

Lotto has been around since November 1994 and, more than two decades later, the game is still going strong. One of the things that appeals to players is the fact that every line of numbers entered gives its owner a 1 in 9.3 chance of winning a prize of some sort, thanks to five tiers of prizes on offer in addition to the jackpot itself. In short, anyone who matches two or more main numbers is guaranteed to win a Lotto prize of some kind.

Whilst we never know whether or not the Lotto jackpot will be delivered until after the draw has taken place, we do know that 21 participants will always end the night with something big to celebrate. Every line of numbers entered for a draw automatically gives its owner an entry for the Lotto Millionaire Raffle draw, which guarantee success for quite a few people.

The top prize is worth £1 million, and one player will always win that sum by matching the automatically-generated code on their ticket with the winning code. In addition, 20 players will each win £20,000 and, whilst that isn’t quite as staggering as a million, it is still a substantial sum which can make a big difference to the lives of those who are lucky enough to win it.

Consider the very real prospect of winning one of those £20,000 cash prizes for a moment or two and the various ways in which you could use it to improve your life will soon become clear. You might use it to buy yourself a brand new car, organise the holiday of a lifetime, reduce or pay off your mortgage, say goodbye to your boss by starting a brand new business of your own, splash out on your favourite hobby or simply share the love with your friends and family members.

Make no mistake, having an extra £20,000 at your disposal is something well worth celebrating, and every Wednesday and Saturday the Lotto Raffle draw makes it happen for 20 lucky winners. Of course, winning the Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize of £1 million would open up even more possibilities, and could help you to do all of the things previously mentioned, and more besides.

With guaranteed success awaiting 21 lucky players this Saturday, giving yourself the chance of being one of them is a no-brainer, especially when you would also be giving yourself a shot at winning the £9.8 million Lotto jackpot itself! Download one of our free lottery apps so that you can check the results within seconds of the draw taking place, think lucky thoughts and be sure to let us know if you win big!

Published: Thursday 3rd August 2017

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