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Lotto Double Rollover Jackpot this Saturday!

Lotto Double Rollover Jackpot this Saturday!
Updated: Monday 23rd July 2018

The Lotto game this Saturday 15 July will offer a double rollover jackpot with an estimated value of £8.2 million, thanks to no player being able to match all six of the numbers that were drawn in the midweek draw on Wednesday.

This will be the biggest Lotto jackpot since Saturday 24 June, when one ticket landed a top prize worth a staggering £21.38 million. Whilst there have been plenty of winners since then, including five brand new millionaires via Lotto Millionaire Raffle and a jackpot winner of £6.98 million on Wednesday 5 July, this Saturday’s double rollover jackpot just might help someone to achieve the biggest win of the month so far.

Our Lotto Statistics page reveals that the most overdue Lotto numbers at the time of writing are 33, 09, 49, 48, 58 and 17, whilst the most common numbers are 54, 14, 37, 38, 41 and 02. Players who would prefer to base their selections on random numbers may want to have a go at using our free Lotto Number Generator.

The odds of winning any prize with a single entry in the Lotto game are a very appealing 1 in 9.3, but players can increase their chances of success even further by playing multiple entries. One very good way of increasing your chances without spending much more than usual is to play the game as a member of a lottery syndicate, and whilst that used to involve quite a lot of hassle, the magic of the internet makes it as easy as clicking a link. Simply choose your syndicate, decide how many shares you would like to have, and let the syndicate organisers do the rest on your behalf!

We look forward to seeing if anyone succeeds in landing the £8.2 million Lotto jackpot this Sunday, but don’t forget that there is also a EuroMillions jackpot of around £14 million to play for this Friday. Choose your numbers to get involved in that game too, and good luck!

Published: Thursday 13th July 2017

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