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Lottery Draws Transition to BBC iPlayer

Lottery Draws Transition to BBC iPlayer
Updated: Monday 9th January 2017

Last Saturday’s Lotto draw was something of a historical one because it was the first to go directly to the BBC iPlayer service instead of being broadcast live on television. From now on, all lottery draws will be able to be viewed via the free iPlayer service, and whilst some players will miss having the lottery shows on their normal TV schedule, the new arrangement means that fans of the games will be able to watch the draws as and when they find it most convenient to do so.

The good news for all players is that the transition to iPlayer allows lottery organisers to stage the draws at the same time each week, rather than being slotted into the TV schedule as and when other programmes allow. In theory, the more consistent scheduling should translate to more draw information becoming available earlier in the evenings than was sometimes the case, and waiting until 10pm or even later for the numbers themselves to be drawn should no longer be an issue.

As always, using one's free lottery apps on your smartphone or tablet remains one of the fastest and most convenient ways to obtain all of the results and information you need without having to sit in front of your computer. Once you have installed your chosen app on your device, you will be able to access the results and check your numbers within seconds of the draw taking place. The apps also allow you to generate random selections of numbers to include on your next entry, view past results and more, so if you aren’t already equipped with these incredibly handy tools, head over to our Lottery Apps page and help yourself.

We advise downloading your chosen lottery app quickly because there are some big jackpots up for grabs in the lottery draws that will be taking place over the next few days. The EuroMillions game on Tuesday 10 January will offer a jackpot which is expected to be worth around £39 million, and the associated Millionaire Maker draw will create two guaranteed winners of £1 million each. Then, on Wednesday 11 January, the midweek Lotto draw will give players the chance to win a jackpot of around £7.3 million. In addition, Lotto Millionaire Raffle will create one guaranteed winner of £1 million, and the Lotto Raffle game will award a prizes of £20,000 to each of 20 winners.

The transition of the lottery draws to the BBC iPlayer service may take some getting used to – especially if you are one of the many who used to tune into the live draws every week – but lottery bosses are confident that players will come to appreciate the consistency and convenience that the new arrangement offers. Good luck to those of you who will be playing to make your lottery dreams come true in the week ahead and remember to claim any prize that you win without delay.

Published: Monday 9th January 2017

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