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Updated: Friday 17th July 2020 has launched a brand new online game called Pick 3, bringing an exciting lottery format to the UK for the first time. The aim of the game is to pick three numbers and match them with the three winning numbers in various ways. It offers lots of flexibility in how you play and great odds of winning.

You can pick your numbers through the official Pick 3 website now, plus find out everything you need to know about the game, including how to play, how much it costs and - most importantly of all - how much you can win. Below you can find a rundown of all the most important points about this new game.

Draws twice a day, every day

Pick 3 draws take place twice every day at 1pm and 6pm, making it one of the most frequently played online lottery games available. You can enter a single draw at a time or you can subscribe to enter every draw on an ongoing basis.

Pick just three numbers between 0 and 9

Unlike other lotteries in which you have dozens of numbers to choose from and millions of possible winning combinations, you just have to pick three numbers between 0 and 9 to play Pick 3. You can also choose the same number more than once; this is important, as it can affect how much prize money you can win. 

Bet in a variety of different ways

The next step after picking your numbers is to pick your bet type, and there are five different types to choose from, each with their own win conditions:

Choose the prizes you want to play for

The best thing about being able to choose from these different bet types is that you get to decide how much prize money you want to play for. Each bet type comes with its own prize and odds of winning, so you can go for the prizes that are easier to win or you can play for the top prize of £500. 

You also get to choose how much money to wager, which directly affects the prize money that you can win. For a Straight bet, for example, you can bet £0.50 to win £250 or you can bet £1 to win £500. In this case both outcomes offer a 500x return on your stake.

3-way and 6-way bets

For many of the bet types, the numbers you pick can also determine how much you can win. If your combination has two like numbers - for example, 1-2-2 - you can play a ‘3-way’ bet, so called because there are three possible combinations of those numbers. If you pick three different numbers, that’s a ‘6-way’ bet, because there are six possible combinations.

Not all bet types make this distinction. For a Straight bet, all the different number combinations have an equal chance of winning so the odds and prize money are the same regardless of whether your combination has identical numbers or not. For a Box bet, on the other hand, it makes a big difference: 3-way bets are harder to win because there are fewer possible combinations, so you win a bigger prize. Visit the Ways to Play page on to learn more.

Pick 3 is available online now

Once you’ve got to grips with the different ways to play, choose your numbers in time for the next Pick 3 draw. It’s simple to play and is available exclusively online, so you won’t find tickets in retailers. Once you’ve placed your bets, keep an eye on the Pick 3 Results page as the latest winning numbers will be added there straight after every twice-daily draw.

Published: Thursday 16th July 2020

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