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Location of £40M EuroMillions Ticket Revealed

Location of £40M EuroMillions Ticket Revealed
Updated: Tuesday 17th December 2019

It has been two weeks since a UK player became the sole winner of a £40 million EuroMillions jackpot but they have still not stepped forward to claim the prize. The National Lottery has now revealed where the winning ticket was bought in an effort to track down the lucky player.

Unclaimed £40 Million Jackpot

It has been announced that the winner of the unclaimed £40 million jackpot bought their ticket somewhere in the county of Dorset. The specific shop or town in which the winner bought the ticket cannot be revealed as it may jeopardise their anonymity. If and when they do come forward to claim they will have the chance to keep their identity hidden from the press and the public.

The winning entry was for the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 3rd December and it was the only one to match the winning numbers 18, 31, 32, 38, 48, and Lucky Stars 4 and 12, to win a jackpot worth £40,957,696.60. The ticket holder, who became the seventh EuroMillions jackpot winner in the UK this year, has 180 days from the date of the draw to claim the prize. Jackpot winners usually stake their claim soon after the draw, so the National Lottery has taken a step to find the winner in case the winning ticket has been forgotten about.

Patrick Lisoire, a spokesperson for the National Lottery, said: “People are predisposed to checking the tickets they've bought, but for whatever reason - the busy lives we lead, or the lead-up to Christmas - somebody hasn't quite got round to checking their tickets.”

If you’re in the Dorset area and have an unchecked ticket from the 3rd December EuroMillions draw, use our Results Checker to find out if you’re the winner the National Lottery is looking for.

What Happens Next?

The National Lottery will not release any more information to the public about where and when the winning ticket was bought but they will continue to spread awareness about the enormous unclaimed prize.

The winner has until the deadline on 31st May 2020 to come forward and claim their prize money. If that date passes without the claimant making themselves known, the entire £40 million will be allocated to the National Lottery’s Good Causes Fund to benefit charitable and non-profit organisations around the United Kingdom. If that does happen, it will be one of the biggest lottery prizes to ever go unclaimed in the UK.

It may be that the winning ticket has been misplaced, in which case the deadline for contacting the National Lottery is much more urgent. If the ticket has been lost, the owner has just 30 days from the date of the draw to contact the National Lottery, who will then conduct rigorous security checks to ensure the claim is valid. Even then, the prize may not be paid out until the 180-day claim deadline has passed, in case anyone else comes forward with the winning ticket.

Published: Tuesday 17th December 2019

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