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Jackpots Sizzle in Lottery Heatwave

Jackpots Sizzle in Lottery Heatwave
Updated: Monday 19th June 2017

Brits may currently be enjoying a meteorological heatwave, but lottery players are also getting hot under the collar thanks to jackpots which continue to soar in the EuroMillions and Lotto games. The next EuroMillions jackpot this Tuesday 20 June will offer a sizzling £52 million or thereabouts, and in the Lotto game on Wednesday 21 June there will be a top prize of around £18.6 million.

The jackpots in both games have reached their impressively high levels thanks to a sequence of rollovers. EuroMillions has seen four winless games in a row since the previous win on Friday 2 June, when one ticket in Belgium landed the mouth-watering sum of €153,873,716. In Lotto, the last top prize was paid out, via rolldown, on Wednesday 24 May, when two players each won £12,759,916. There have been seven rollovers since that rolldown, and players will be hoping to land the top prize outright this Wednesday.

Winning either of these scorching lottery jackpots would be a life-changing experience, and we can’t imagine many things better than having an eight-figure bank balance to help make the rest of the summer extra special. Of course, with £52 million and £18.6 million up for grabs in EuroMillions and Lotto respectively, any outright winner could afford to travel the world and keep the summer mood going for as long as he or she wanted!

Although lottery players have their sights on winning the jackpots themselves in the coming games, it isn’t actually necessary to do that to acquire millionaire status. Two EuroMillions players in the UK will each win £1 million in the associated Millionaire Maker draw on Tuesday, and on Wednesday one Lotto player is similarly guaranteed to win a Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize of £1 million. There will also be 20 Lotto Raffle winners of £20,000 each, which should be enough to keep the barbeque parties going for a while. 

Whatever happens this week, next week looks set to be even more exciting, with a €100 million (around £85 million at the current exchange rate) EuroMillions Superdraw scheduled to take place on Friday 30 June. We are obviously looking forward to that, but we also hope that someone wins one of the eight-figure jackpots that are up for grabs this Tuesday and Wednesday. Don't forget to choose your EuroMillions numbers now.

Published: Monday 19th June 2017

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