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Irish Ticket Wins EuroMillions Jackpot

Irish Ticket Wins EuroMillions Jackpot
Updated: Monday 23rd July 2018

One Irish ticket won the EuroMillions jackpot on Friday night, giving Ireland its second jackpot win since the new rules of the game were introduced in September 2016. The final value of the jackpot that was landed on Friday 7 July was €28,975,630, and the numbers which successfully secured it were 11, 20, 35, 37 and 45, along with the Lucky Stars 03 and 06.

Ireland has now won a total of eleven jackpots since the EuroMillions game was first launched in 2004. That isn’t nearly as many as some other countries (France, Spain and the UK have each won 85, 82 and 66 jackpots, respectively), but that is largely due to the smaller population of players in Ireland than in many other nations. Indeed, the smallest participating country, which is Luxembourg, has only won two jackpots since the game began.

Whilst British players missed out on the jackpot last Friday, two participants still managed to win themselves £1 million each by matching one of the Millionaire Maker numbers, which were XCLD18918 and ZDLL10188. In the main EuroMillions game, two Brits were among five who won £141,002 each by matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star, and one of ten tickets that matched five main numbers also belonged to a UK player, giving the lucky winner £16,420. 

The total number of prizes landed in Friday’s EuroMillions game exceeded 1.8 million, and more than 407,000 of those (which were collectively worth over £2.1 million) were won by UK players. We congratulate everyone who won a prize of any size, and especially the Irish lottery player who managed to take down the jackpot itself.

EuroMillions players will now be able to pursue a brand new jackpot which is expected to be worth around £14 million this Tuesday 11 July. The most overdue main numbers as we head towards that draw are 46, 01, 34, 13 and 32, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 02 and 04.

Choose your numbers today to give yourself a chance of winning big this Tuesday, and then download one of our free lottery apps so that you can receive the EuroMillions results on your mobile just as soon as the draw has taken place. Good luck!

Published: Monday 10th July 2017

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