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Hull Resident Wins Postcode Millions Prize Just After Moving

Hull Resident Wins Postcode Millions Prize Just After Moving

Residents of a Hull postcode have been revelling in their good fortune after landing a share of £3 million on the People’s Postcode Lottery. For one man, Michael Woodhouse, the win came at a particularly good time as he had recently moved house.

Michael had just moved out of the area when the win was announced on Friday 1st May, but he had not yet updated the address that he plays with.

He has now become £198,355 richer after HU3 6QQ was selected as the full winning postcode in the latest Postcode Millions draw. Only one other resident – neighbour Caroline Davis – used the full postcode and received the same six-figure prize.

In Postcode Millions, a winning postcode is selected once a month and winners receive a share of a £3 million prize fund. Players who use the full postcode are paid the biggest share, while those who use part of the postcode receive a smaller cut. In Friday’s draw, there were 518 other players who received a share of the £3 million prize after using the winning postcode sector - HU3 6.

The wins were revealed through video calls with the Postcode Lottery, and left the lucky players in a state of shock. Michael, a pub DJ who is currently volunteering in a local food store, said: “Never! Oh my word. That is a staggering amount - staggering. I'd have been happy with £2,000 but this is life-changing.

“We'll make sure our families are looked after first of all - I'll help out my twin girls, and we'll help our friends out too.”

Asked how he would spend his winnings, Michael said that a dream house would be his ideal purchase but he would start with a bottle of champagne from his local shop. He also expressed his delight that so many local residents had benefited from the Postcode Lottery.

He said: “Everyone in this area is lovely and there is already a community spirit here. I know the win will help everyone so much.”

The second big winner, Caroline – a restaurant worker – said:  “Oh my. I was not expecting that much. I haven’t got a clue what I’ll do with it. I’ll have a massive party when lockdown’s over. There’s so much I could do with that amount of money - I’ll treat my mum and dad, they’ve done so much for me, and I’ll start learning to drive and get my motorbike on the road.”

How the Postcode Lottery Works

The Postcode Lottery is a subscription-based lottery that is run independently and is not part of the National Lottery. Once you have signed up and submitted your postcode, you are automatically entered into every draw.

There are a variety of different draws – including daily draws which offer £1,000, Street Prizes of £30,000 and the monthly Postcode Millions game. With thousands of prizes won every month, it is estimated that 80 percent of players win a prize every year.

Keep up to date with the latest Postcode Lottery Results after every draw. You’ll also find a winners’ map showing where lucky postcodes are located.

Published: Tuesday 5th May 2020

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