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How High Can the EuroMillions Jackpot Go?

How High Can the EuroMillions Jackpot Go?
Updated: Wednesday 10th February 2021

EuroMillions offers the biggest jackpots of any UK lottery. In fact, no other game anywhere in the world currently has a top prize that can match the £143 million you’ll find on EuroMillions this Friday. But how much higher could it go and when will there be a winner?

New Jackpot Cap

The maximum amount that can be offered on EuroMillions has increased a couple of times over the past year. Having previously been set at €190 million, it was raised to €200 million in February 2020. A new mechanism was also put in place at this time to allow the jackpot cap to go up by €10 million each time it was activated.

After a French player landed a record €200 million EuroMillions payout in December, the cap changed to €210 million.

The jackpot is currently worth €163 million following the rollover on Tuesday 9th February, so there is scope for it to grow considerably before it hits this €210 million mark.

The cap is set in euros because that is the currency used in seven of the nine participating EuroMillions countries. Apart from the UK, Switzerland is the only other nation to deal in a different currency (francs).

The value of the jackpot is converted from euros on the day of the draw, so it all depends on the exchange rate and that fluctuates all the time. When the €200 million jackpot was won in December, it worked out at £183 million. Under the new rules, it may reach around £190 million.

When a nine-figure jackpot is up for grabs, more and more tickets are sold across Europe. A greater percentage of the prize fund now goes to the jackpot than had previously been the case until last February, so it can accelerate very quickly. Three or four more rollovers may be all that is required to push the jackpot up to its ceiling.

How to Win EuroMillions

You need to match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the EuroMillions jackpot. You can also pocket prizes for matching fewer numbers, with 13 different ways to win in total.

Every number has the same chance of being drawn, so your chances of winning with a single line are just the same as anyone else’s. However, you can also boost your odds of landing a major prize.

The only sure way to increase your chances is to play more lines. By covering more numbers, it makes you more likely to hit the winning set. The one drawback is that the expense goes up as you pick more lines, so one way to counteract this would be to play in a syndicate. You can then enter multiple lines while sharing the cost with others.

The safest and most convenient way to play at the current time, especially with many retailers shut due to coronavirus restrictions, is to choose your numbers online. You’ll get an email if you win so you don't even have to check your numbers.

Don’t miss out on the chance to play for the biggest jackpot in the world and keep up to date with the latest EuroMillions Results after every draw.

Published: Wednesday 10th February 2021

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