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Hospital Syndicate Scoops £1 Million EuroMillions Win

Hospital Syndicate Scoops £1 Million EuroMillions Win
Updated: Friday 4th May 2018

A syndicate of nurses from Cleland Hospital in Lanarkshire has pocketed a £1 million EuroMillions win after paying in just 50p each for the draw on Friday 20th April. The group came forward this week to be presented with the obligatory oversized cheque, and revealed that they had already splashed out on a big batch of treats for the patients where they work.

The 15 members of the group have not had much success in the three years they have been playing together, so syndicate leader June Fraser was stunned to discover they had won the UK Millionaire Maker prize and would be receiving £66,666 each.

She said: “I checked the tickets using the National Lottery app on Saturday morning. I scanned the first one and it wasn't a winner. I actually thought that was the ticket for Friday night's draw and very nearly didn't scan the second one as I thought it was for a future draw. When I did and it told me that we'd won £1 million I thought the app must be broken. I couldn't believe it.”

June phoned her ward at work and tracked down two of her fellow syndicate members to tell them the good news, but was ‘too hyper’ to contact everyone and still went into work in the afternoon. She pinned the winning ticket to her uniform so that she knew exactly where it was, before hiding it under her cutlery drawer at home later that night until the group was ready to come forward.

The ‘Winning Nurses’, as they have dubbed themselves, are now looking forward to spending their money in a variety of ways. Among the plans are holidays to Canada and Sri Lanka, as well as cruises, new cars, early retirement and even a motorbike.

Why it’s a Good Idea to Play in a Syndicate

The success of the Winning Nurses illustrates how effective it can be to play in a syndicate. By putting in 50p each per draw, they saved themselves money compared to just playing alone and buying a ticket each. They still increased their chances of winning, though, because they entered three lines into each draw between the 15 of them rather than just one. The winnings had to be split, of course, but they were able to enjoy the moment together.

June and her colleagues still had to remember to check the tickets after each draw and organise how the group would operate, and an alternative would have been to join an online syndicate. Playing online, your numbers are automatically checked and winnings are transferred directly.

Big EuroMillions and Lotto Jackpots this Weekend

Whether you want to play in a syndicate or go it alone, you can set your sights on some exciting prizes over the Bank Holiday weekend. The EuroMillions jackpot for Friday night is £31 million, while Lotto is up to £17 million following a seventh successive rollover on Wednesday.

Both games offer multiple prize tiers so there are lots of opportunities to snap up cash awards, and it could just be that you are able to embark upon your own tropical holiday, buy a fast car or take an early retirement. Good luck!

Published: Friday 4th May 2018

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