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Health Millions to Offer £15M Super Summer Jackpot on 25th June

Health Millions to Offer £15M Super Summer Jackpot on 25th June
Updated: Thursday 27th October 2022

On Thursday 25th June you will have the chance to win a huge £15 million jackpot thanks to Health Millions. A special Super Summer Jackpot event - the first of its kind - is set to take place and entries are available exclusively online.

First £15 Million Super Jackpot

Health Millions is an online jackpot game operated in association with the Health Lottery and it usually offers a top prize worth £5 million every Monday and Thursday. The special event later this month is set to boost that jackpot to a guaranteed £15 million, and you can get involved for just £1.

To win that amazing prize all you have to do is purchase a bet for the Super Summer Jackpot event taking place on 25th June. Pick five numbers between 1 and 50, plus a Health Ball between 1 and 5, then match all of them with the winning numbers to land the special jackpot.

Other prizes are available too: you can double your stake and win £2 for matching two numbers, or receive a free bet on a future Health Millions jackpot simply for matching the Health Ball.

Bets on the Super Summer Jackpot will close at 8:50pm on 25th June, before the winning numbers are selected at 9:00pm. You’ll be able to see the winning line on the official Health Millions website shortly after, where you can also check your Health Millions numbers to find out if you have a winning bet.

Don’t delay, though, as the special £15 million prize is only on offer in the Super Summer Jackpot event on 25th June. The top prize will return to its usual value of £5 million for the subsequent edition of Health Millions on Monday 29th June.

Bet on Health Millions Online

One of the biggest benefits of betting on Health Millions - apart from the chance to win a £15 million jackpot - is that it’s available exclusively online. There’s no queuing at retailers or visiting claim centres to collect your prize; do it all from the comfort of your own home.

When you bet on Health Millions your numbers will be stored in your personal player account, so you can sign in and view your entry details at any time. You don’t need to worry about keeping your ticket safe or missing out on a prize, because your winnings will be transferred to your player account automatically after the draw. You’ll also receive a notification prompting you to log in to your account.

Head over to the Tickets page to place your bets on Health Millions. Good luck and remember to mark 25th June on your calendar as the date of the Health Millions £15 million Super Summer Jackpot.

Published: Wednesday 3rd June 2020

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