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Friday’s £122M EuroMillions Win Is One of the UK’s Biggest Ever Jackpots

Friday’s £122M EuroMillions Win Is One of the UK’s Biggest Ever Jackpots
Updated: Tuesday 6th April 2021

A EuroMillions player landed on the UK’s list of the biggest ever lottery winners on Friday when they won a jackpot worth over £122 million. The winner contacted the National Lottery soon after the draw to claim the nine-figure prize.

It’s the fifth-biggest lottery prize ever won in the UK and it came about after the jackpot rolled over for nine consecutive draws. It started at its base value of €17 million (£14.7 million) on Tuesday 2nd March and rolled all the way to its final value of £122,550,351 on Friday 2nd April, when it was won by one lucky ticket holder.

The winning numbers from Friday’s EuroMillions draw were 4,21, 34, 40, and 47, with Lucky Stars 2 and 5, and the winner matched all of them to land the jackpot. It’s the second EuroMillions jackpot won in the UK so far this year, after the £39 million prize won by one lucky ticket holder on 1st January.

A ticket holder has already stepped forward to claim the prize, and the National Lottery is in the process of validating the win. The winner’s identity will only be disclosed if they choose to go public; if they don’t opt for publicity, no further information about them will be released.

Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor at the National Lottery, said: “What an Easter weekend for one lucky player. They have a fortune which can make their dreams come true. We will now look to support the ticket-holder through the process and help them to start to enjoy their life-changing win.”

What Happens After You Win the Lottery?

If you win a big lottery prize, there are a few steps you’ll have to take before you get your hands on your winnings. The first step is to claim the prize, and although the latest winner claimed theirs quickly, many winners take a lot longer to contact the National Lottery. What’s more, millions of pounds in prize money goes unclaimed every year.

All prizes of £50,000 or more need to be claimed and validated in person, so the first thing you need to do is contact the National Lottery to initiate the claims process. An agent will take some information about you and the ticket and will check the details over the phone. If the information matches what’s on the National Lottery’s systems, the win will be confirmed subject to validation of the ticket.

You’ll then be given an appointment to meet with one of the National Lottery’s winners’ advisors, who will check the validity of the ticket. All being well with the validation, the win will be confirmed and arrangements will be made to pay you the prize money. 

You’ll also have to decide whether you want to go public with your win or remain anonymous. If you go public, the National Lottery will organise a press conference, during which you’ll have the chance to tell the world about yourself and the circumstances of your big win. If you opt to remain anonymous, none of your details will be disclosed to the public. If you took more than a couple of weeks to claim the prize, the National Lottery may have already disclosed the city or county in which the winning ticket was bought, but no exact details about where or when the ticket was bought, or who bought it, would be released.

The EuroMillions jackpot has reset to its starting value of £14 million for the next draw on Tuesday 6th April. You can get your tickets online or in-store now.

Published: Tuesday 6th April 2021

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