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EuroMillions Winners Set Sights On Disney World

EuroMillions Winners Set Sights On Disney World

A husband and wife from Halifax who have spent years carefully watching their finances are looking forward to life as millionaires after landing a huge EuroMillions prize, although they have admitted that some habits are hard to break and they have continued to shop in the reduced aisle and pick up pennies since striking it lucky.

Lesley White, 43, and 54-year-old engineer Malcolm, matched one of the winning Millionaire Maker codes in the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 6th March. Picking up their cheque for £1 million, the happy couple, who met in a jigsaw shop, said there was no chance that they would go crazy with the money.

“He is very careful with his money. He won't even buy me a dishwasher,” said Lesley at the media ceremony. Malcolm added: “I don't like them, they squeak and there's no point in having a new cooker because we only got one five years ago. I found a penny on the pavement after we won and picked it up. It's still in my jacket!”

The winners have no intention of moving out of their four-bed bungalow, but they do want to enjoy their new-found wealth. While Malcolm will carry on working as an engineer, Lesley has already handed in her notice at the factory where she works and is excited about taking her ten-year-old daughter on an eagerly-awaited trip to Florida.

Speaking about the moment she found out about the win, Lesley said: “I just could not believe it when the cashier told me the amount was too big for her to pay out and I would have to call Camelot to confirm my win. My heart was in my mouth. My daughter was with me and she said ‘Does that mean we can go to Disney World now?' We'd always told her that when we won the lottery we would take her but never dreamed it would ever happen!”

Lesley is also planning to buy a new car, saying: “It is fantastic to be in a position where I can go out and road test several and decide which one is my favourite and not be driven by budget.” Malcolm’s shopping list is a little less extravagant, although he may ‘buy some new shoes to work’.

Millionaire Maker

Millionaire Maker is a supplementary game which is played by all EuroMillions ticket holders in the UK. A unique code is generated at the point of purchase and then two winning codes are drawn every Tuesday and Friday, instantly netting the players with matching tickets £1 million each.

You can check your Millionaire Maker codes at a store like Lesley and Malcolm did, or use the Millionaire Maker Checker. All prizes must be claimed within 180 days, and you can decide to go public or stay anonymous.

If you feel inspired by Lesley and Malcolm’s story and fancy winning a big EuroMillions prize of your own, there is a jackpot of £32 million up for grabs in the next draw on Friday.

Published: Thursday 22nd March 2018

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