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EuroMillions to Create 13 Millionaires on Friday 13th August

EuroMillions to Create 13 Millionaires on Friday 13th August
Updated: Tuesday 10th August 2021

Everyone who buys a ticket for Friday’s EuroMillions draw will have a better chance than normal of becoming a millionaire, with 13 prizes of £1 million guaranteed to be won in the UK.

The odds of winning a prize in the main EuroMillions game always remain exactly the same, but the supplementary Millionaire Maker raffle sometimes boosts your chances when special draws take place.

This Friday there will be 13 chances to win £1 million instead of the usual one. Thirteen winning Millionaire Maker codes will be selected at random from all of the codes entered into the draw. If any of these codes match the one displayed on your ticket, you can immediately start looking forward to life as a millionaire.

How Millionaire Maker Works

The Millionaire Maker is simple to play as you are automatically entered into the game as soon as you buy a EuroMillions entry in the UK. The cost of a £2.50 ticket is actually split in such a way that £1.74 goes towards playing the main game and £0.76 goes towards playing the Millionaire Maker.

You receive one Millionaire Maker code for each set of numbers you play on the main game. This is generated automatically so you can’t pick your own code.

The code is made up of four letters - always starting with H, J, M, T, V, X or Z - and five numbers. The draw itself works like a regular raffle, with each code having an equal chance of winning. To win the £1 million prize, all nine characters on your code must match up with the winning code in the correct positions.

Special Draws

Special draws take place a few times a year, when there is sufficient money in the Reserve Fund for the National Lottery to offer more than one prize worth £1 million.

The most recent one was held on 2nd July and gave away 20 prizes of £1 million. All but one of those prizes have already been claimed.

Special draws can be scheduled at any time but are usually organised to mark important dates. The upcoming draw coincides with Friday the 13th, a date that is traditionally associated with bad luck but will be fondly remembered by all the big winners this August. 

Published: Tuesday 10th August 2021

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