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EuroMillions Superdraw Offers €130 Million!

EuroMillions Superdraw Offers €130 Million!
Updated: Monday 23rd July 2018

The EuroMillions game this Friday 15 September will offer a special Superdraw jackpot with a guaranteed value of €130 million. That should equate to something in the region of £117 million at current exchange rates, and entries will cost exactly the same as usual, so lottery players who like to get the maximum bang for their buck will certainly want to make the most of it.

Superdraw jackpots are won in the same way as any other – by matching all five main numbers and both of the Lucky Star numbers – so the odds of landing the €130 million which is up for grabs this Friday are no less than the odds of winning a standard jackpot of €15 million. The only real difference between a Superdraw and a standard jackpot game is that demand for tickets tends to be even higher than usual, so players are advised to buy their tickets as soon as possible in order to avoid the last-minute rush.

We can’t think of many ways to turn a little pocket change into a nine-figure fortune in the space of a few minutes, so anyone who harbours dreams of joining the ranks of the super-rich would do well to get involved in the EuroMillions game this Friday. Whilst winning the jackpot will require a hefty slice of luck, plenty of players have achieved a similar feat previously, and plenty more will do so in the future. Perhaps, then, it will be your turn this week!

It probably isn’t possible to accurately imagine quite how much a €130 million win could change your life, but attempting to do so is tantalising to say the least. If that sum was invested at a paltry return of 2% per year, it would give you an income of around €2.6 million per year. Putting the issue of income tax aside for a moment, that would mean you could spend around €50,000 each and every week without even touching the jackpot itself.

Of course, most people who win big like to splash out a little, so anyone who won the €130 million this Friday could take €10 to €30 million off the top to fulfil all their spending ambitions and still have plenty left over to invest. Just imagine, you could buy several new homes, a fleet of luxury cars, travel the world and enjoy complete freedom from the obligations of work, and still have a nine-figure balance showing at the bottom of your monthly bank statements.

All of this sounds like pure fantasy, but plenty of players have already experienced this kind of lottery dream come true, and it could well happen again for someone this Friday. Choose your numbers today to give yourself a chance of realising your own jackpot-winning ambitions, and be sure to let us know if you succeed in making it happen!

Published: Thursday 14th September 2017

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