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EuroMillions Player Picks Up £54.6 Million With 2018’s Second Jackpot Win

EuroMillions Player Picks Up £54.6 Million With 2018’s Second Jackpot Win
Updated: Friday 26th July 2019

The second EuroMillions jackpot winner of the year was crowned last night, when a Portuguese player picked up £54.6 million. It was the first time anyone has matched all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars since Friday 23rd February, when a UK ticket holder shared £155.5 million with a player from Spain.

EuroMillions Results

The EuroMillions results for Tuesday 13th March were 9, 11, 13, 33 and 49 with Lucky Stars 6 and 12. More than 1.8 million prizes were distributed across Europe, with the largest UK haul in the main draw worth £188,271 for the player who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

As usual there were two Millionaire Maker winners, who each claimed £1 million for their troubles. You can find the winning raffle codes and the full main draw breakdown at the EuroMillions Results page.

Most Successful EuroMillions Countries

Last night’s Portuguese success saw the Iberian nation move one step closer to the UK in the EuroMillions jackpot winners’ table. There have been 67 top prize successes in Portugal to date, whilst the February EuroMillions winner was the UK’s 71st.

The current table-topper is France, where 87 jackpots have landed, two ahead of Spain in second on 85. The UK and Portugal occupy third and fourth places, respectively.

More Lottery Jackpots

Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is worth its base amount of £15 million, which is still more than enough to allow you to quit your job, look after your family, buy a fleet of supercars and head off around the world, chasing the sun in five-star style.

Tonight’s Lotto top prize is £1.8 million, following Saturday’s £7.9 jackpot win. Many savvy Lotto fans see draws like this as a great opportunity to succeed in Lotto Millionaire Raffle.

Fewer people play Lotto when the jackpot resets after a big win, and Wednesday is the least popular of the two weekly draws. This means that there is less competition for the single £1 million and 20 £20,000 prizes on offer in the supplementary game. As the 21 winners are drawn solely from tickets sold for that draw, your chances are much improved when there are fewer other players. You can find the expected odds of winning on the Lotto Millionaire Raffle page.

Lottery Tickets

EuroMillions and Lotto tickets are on sale now at retailers around the country, it is also possible to enter draws online.

Published: Wednesday 14th March 2018

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