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EuroMillions Jackpot Surges Past £170 Million

EuroMillions Jackpot Surges Past £170 Million
Updated: Saturday 7th May 2022

The EuroMillions jackpot rolled over again on Friday 6th May, setting up the opportunity for a UK player to become the country’s biggest winner in the next draw on Tuesday.

The top prize had grown to an estimated £164 million for Friday’s draw, and after strong ticket sales it ended up being worth more than £167 million. It proved to be just out of reach of ticket holders all over Europe, but there were still more than 1 million UK winners across the other 12 prize categories, sharing a combined £4 million. See the winning EuroMillions numbers and a table of all the prizes given away.

The jackpot will now rise to around £184 million, making it larger than any lottery prize that has previously been paid out in the UK.

An anonymous player currently holds the record, having banked £170 million in October 2019. They did not wait long to stake their claim, stepping forward just a couple of days later.

Just like in 2019, the current jackpot has rolled all the way from its starting value of €17 million (approximately £14 million) without needing a Superdraw to boost it higher. A €130 million (around £109 million) Superdraw had been lined up for Friday 29th April, but was effectively cancelled because the jackpot was already worth more.

Jackpot Could Reach €230 Million

Unlike in 2019, though, the jackpot now has the potential to go up even more. There is a ceiling of €230 million (approximately £195 million), so it could yet increase for a couple more draws.

If there is a single winner of the jackpot before it drops down again, they will instantly gain a level of wealth that is superior to many of the rich and famous. Singer Adele, for example, had a net worth of £130 million according to the 2021 edition of the Sunday Times Rich List.

A jackpot winner would be able to buy one house on each of the most expensive streets in the UK. Top of the list is Kensington Palace Gardens in London, where the average property price is around £30 million.

For many lottery winners, though, the main focus is on supporting loved ones. A jackpot win of more than £170 million would help you to make a difference to your family’s life for generations and generations to come.

You can buy tickets for the next draw now by going to your nearest authorised lottery retailer. Alternatively, take part online for added convenience and security. Your numbers will be kept safe and automatically checked for you, so there’s no chance of missing out on a prize. It might even be that you win the record jackpot.

Published: Friday 6th May 2022

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